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“ It's really troublesome. I didn't expect the cabinets to be ordered in advance. Now it's estimated that the construction period will be delayed for more than half a month when the cabinets are ordered&# 8221;&# 8220; I didn't know to confirm the door in advance before decoration. Now I have to let the construction team stop work and wait for materials &8221&# 8230;&# 8230; There are too many complaints and regrets about the decoration owners, mainly because many new decoration owners do not understand the steps and some important links of home decoration before decoration, and do not plan with the scientific decoration process, so there are often & 8220 in the decoration process; Passive &8221; The situation, especially the owners who do not choose package decoration or decoration, if they buy building materials and household supplies, they have to go to &8220 in advance; Order &8221;. These need to order keywords in advance: cabinet door &8220; Cabinets and wardrobes need to be ordered before the decoration starts&# 8221; Ms. Chen, a senior home decoration designer, said that if the owner buys these main materials himself, the cabinets and wardrobes should be determined in advance, because after the staff comes to the door for measurement, they still need to go back to processing. Generally, the processing cycle of cabinets takes more than 20 days, and it will take longer if personalized styles are needed. Miss Chen said that the indoor door leaves, door jambs and wardrobes can be ordered later. Of course, it is also possible to order them in advance before the construction is started. They should be ordered at the latest when the water and electricity transformation is almost completed. Generally, the processing cycle of door leaf and door pocket is more than 10 days, and the cabinet body and door are less than one month, more than two months, so it is better to prepare in advance. Key words: furniture, wallpaper, brick, floor, sanitary ware. It is understood that when choosing a decoration company, owners can first visit furniture, such as beds, finished cabinets, sofas, coffee tables, etc. Master Wang, the project manager of a brand home decoration company, said that it takes time to choose satisfactory furniture, especially to compare and agree with family members, and it also needs a certain period to complete, so it is recommended to determine the decoration midway. In addition, the implementation of wall and floor tiles is better during the operation of hydropower reconstruction project, because it is likely to come in handy next. Master Wang said that in addition to furniture, some decorative wallpapers, floors and bathroom sanitary ware are involved, and it is best to determine the medium-term decoration. Key words can also be ordered later: curtains, lamps, soft decoration, home appliances. Ms. Luo, a senior designer who has been engaged in soft decoration design for a long time, said that there are many things that need to be ordered in advance in the decoration, but they must be implemented according to the priority. For example, curtains and lamps, don't be so anxious. When the construction is almost completed, it's not too late to determine it a week in advance. Of course, soft goods such as household appliances, carpets, decorative paintings and furnishings can also be completed in the later stage. It should be noted that the supplies involved in the installation or cooperation of the decoration party must also be determined before the completion





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