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In the home design, there is also the wall, which is the background of all furniture accessories. Now the wallpaper with convenient construction, simple cleaning, random collocation and various patterns has become the preferred material for people to decorate the wall. Wallpaper often has a particularly magical decorative effect in texture, decorative effect and practicality, just like a luxurious home dress, which can make the whole family full of vivid expressions. This spring and summer wallpaper trend also caters to the popular trend


&mdash& mdash; Artistic wallpaper

artistic wallpaper designed by artists will become the best background for a clean and tidy home. This kind of wallpaper is designed by the avant-garde star designers in the household textile industry, skillfully integrating Gothic, Rococo and Baroque art into its wallpaper design, giving a strong exotic style and profound artistic heritage. It has a strong sense of design and concept, and can decorate the home space with personality and artistic flavor, making up for the monotony of clean furniture, whether it is used locally or paved in a large area, The results are all good

dare to be luxurious

&mdash& mdash; Hand painted and special material wallpaper

hand painted wallpaper will be popular this spring and summer. The theme is generally beautiful flowers and plants, forests, ponds and other small landscapes. The picture has a certain storytelling, showing a feeling close to nature, vivid and interesting. It often gives people infinite reverie, which is very suitable for creating a luxurious home environment

aristocratic atmosphere is one of the popular themes this year. The application of some unique materials, such as the addition of small glass beads and shiny accessories, makes the sense of luxury no longer dominated by the naked metal color, but adds a little more elegant charm

simple substances

&mdash& mdash; Fiber Wallpapers

although pure paper wallpapers are environmentally friendly, they are easy to fade in wet conditions and cannot be wiped with wet cloth and water. The latest material to be popular this year is the addition of velvet fiber to the pulp, which increases the strength and toughness of the wallpaper. Tear the wallpaper open, and you will see strands of fiber between the wallpapers. The advantage of fiber wallpaper is that it has a strong three-dimensional sense, the surface can be printed and pressed with various patterns, and can be wiped with a wet cloth. It is very durable, and meets the purity and simplicity of simple material style

fiber wallpapers are mostly used in the background of important areas, such as TV walls and bedside backgrounds. As long as local decoration is combined with appropriate monochrome wallpapers, paints, furniture and accessories, you can create your favorite atmosphere. However, when using it, we must pay attention to coordination, especially in the selection and collocation of colors and patterns

the tabletop blooms the seasonal beauty of northern Europe

the beautiful scenery of nature is rippling all year round. DuPont applied surface materials launched new tabletop products from spring, summer to autumn and winter this year &mdash& mdash; The Nordic impression color series brings you a luxury experience of embracing nature, so that you can be carefree and easily immersed in your favorite seasonal atmosphere when you return home every day

inspired by the primitive beauty of nature, this countertop has developed a mood palette composed of solid surface materials. The materials of these kitchen and bathroom countertops bring you convenience, comfortable care and significant aesthetic perception of modern life

Nordic impression product series provides a color choice for each style, mood and season, just like a palette, calling out the popular and coordinated kitchen and bathroom colors

spring is full of vitality

the fresh green and colorful flowers in spring can ignite your spark of inspiration. You might as well reward yourself with a spring kitchen. Choose a bright and bright “ Early spring dripping green ” The countertop, together with the cabinet with a long natural woodiness, feels the poetic scenery of Ivory Coast and Qingxi, Switzerland, and tastes the pure and romantic sweet magic like white chocolate

poetic summer flowers

in summer, the sun is shining high, the sky is blue, and the poetry of summer flows in all things in nature. Choose a neutral color surface material with natural texture from the Nordic impression series “ Blue meteor &rdquo, Or choose a “ Sapphire ” To match the warm tone of the wooden sense cabinet, so that you can savor these summer days all year round under this atmosphere

autumn is as cool as water

the Yellow produced by soft light and rich fruits runs through the whole autumn. Through the light glazed wood tone, combined with the warm and subtle tonal texture surface materials in the Nordic series, or with the warm amber countertop cabinet, decorate your kitchen into an ideal gathering place

snowy winter

imagine a soft winter scenery in your new kitchen, with bare branches sketching a simple outline, and a recent snowfall. What a fresh and pleasant landscape. The winter palette in the Nordic impression series is coordinated with the modern intelligent cabinet dyed with natural colors, creating a unique and artistic feeling





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