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Aoki brand story

in 1984, Mr. Lin Jinxiong, 25, founded yongshenghang in Hong Kong and began his own business. It mainly produces cloth accessories

in the late 1980s, imported shutters from Japan swept Hong Kong with excellent quality. Mr. Lin Jinxiong was keenly aware of this business opportunity. Imported shutters are of high quality, but the price is high

immediately cooperate with Japan and the United States to establish Hong Kong Aoki Industrial Co., Ltd. to produce and sell high-quality shutters, occupy the Hong Kong market at one stroke, and the products are sold back to Japan, which has achieved great success. Aoki shutters have become a high-end brand in the curtain industry in Hong Kong

in 1993, Mr. Lin Jinxiong introduced the brand of Qingmu louvers into China and established Shanghai Qingmu decoration products Co., Ltd. Qingmu brand louvers are popular all over China, and Qingmu louvers

have also become a high-end brand of Chinese louvers. It has laid a foundation for the development of Aoki in China

Weibo brand story

Shanghai Qingmu decoration products Co., Ltd. initiated folding screen windows in 2000 and achieved success in China

in 2003, German KS company found this product in the domestic market and had a strong interest in folding screen products. After many negotiations, the two sides established a cooperation mode

. Using German technology to jointly develop the folding screen, the German "Web" brand was introduced in 2004, and the Jiangxi Weber screen production base was jointly established. In 2006, with Germany

, the "easy to disassemble and wash folding screen window" with multiple patents was launched in China, and the "chain folding screen window" with multiple patents was launched in 2008. It has achieved great success, and the "Weber" brand has become a high-end brand of folding screens in China





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