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On November 13, 2015, the 2015 Moganshan wardrobe new product release and ordering meeting was held in the Moganshan home furnishing factory in Wukang

on November 13, 2015, the 2015 Moganshan wardrobe new product release and ordering meeting was held in the Moganshan home furnishing new factory in Wukang. Tang Yuanming, general manager of Moganshan home furnishing, wardrobe dealers from all over the country, and leaders and relevant staff of various departments of Moganshan home furnishing attended the meeting

in this meeting, nearly 400 dealers came to Wukang new factory from all over the country. The reason why the company's senior management paid so much attention to this meeting and called them here is very simple, because in the past five years, due to asymmetric information, many problems between the two sides failed to communicate in a timely and effective manner, resulting in the slowdown in the growth of Moganshan home furnishings. Strictly speaking, this press conference is not only a meeting, but also a message transmission

during the meeting, the company also issued six research forms to dealers to comprehensively and systematically solicit the opinions of dealers from all over the country. The company will also reply to every question, answer every question, listen to the inner voice of customers, and really solve problems for them

in the morning of that day, dealers went to Wukang direct store of Moganshan wardrobe, watched the new styles of some wardrobe and mainly felt the decoration atmosphere of the direct store. The heavy new product "Baiyi Baishun" series has made Moganshan wardrobe a higher level in terms of soft decoration. The completely different interior structure design of the wardrobe, the brand-new hardware functions and storage functions have made dealers full of praise

after visiting the Wukang direct store, the dealers rushed to the factory without stopping. For the first time, Moganshan home has presented so many product samples, promotional products, shopping guides, sliding doors and solid wood product styles to customers, and has released 36 new board colors for dealers to choose from

after ordering new products in the morning, the afternoon meeting officially began. The general manager of Moganshan home furnishing delivered a speech on the stage: he expressed his gratitude to the dealers for coming all the way, and also conveyed the core purpose of this meeting to everyone. Enterprises can only rely on talents to develop. Moganshan is changing and improving. These are inseparable from the dealers present and the "new faces" of the company

it is the joint efforts of the company's R & D department, technology department, software department and ERP project team that have led to today's Moganshan

in order to enable dealers to comprehensively grasp and understand what products, styles and standards the company has, the company also issued a "technical standards manual" to each dealer. This manual was compiled by the technical department for nearly half a year, and its gold content is obvious to all

in addition, the winners of the first national designer competition in Moganshan were awarded. Moganshan home furnishing has always been "stingy" for excellent talents, and finally ended the meeting in a harmonious laughter

the successful conclusion of the 2015 new product release and order meeting of Moganshan home furnishing Co., Ltd. indicates the development and improvement of Moganshan wardrobe in the next year. We also believe that with the joint efforts of various parties, Moganshan home furnishing Co., Ltd. will work together with the majority of dealers to walk out of a Xintiandi




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