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Under the new economic normal, transformation and upgrading has become a necessary way for the development of all walks of life. Similarly, the transformation process is doomed to be not smooth sailing, and the middle will be full of setbacks, twists and turns. This is no exception in the wardrobe industry. In this transformation that the whole industry is promoting and implementing, the wardrobe industry does not lack speakers, but doers. At the same time, it is impossible for the wardrobe industry to achieve an "immediate" effect by promoting transformation. Only by truly grasping the needs of users can we grasp an important part of market reform. Wardrobe enterprises grasp the essence of user needs and customize the whole house furniture brand Deville

transformation is impossible to achieve "instant results"

transformation is a necessary way, not " Do it or not " It's a multiple-choice question, but a must answer question. Similarly, the transformation process is doomed to be not smooth sailing, and the middle will be full of setbacks, twists and turns. No one should choose to retreat or deny the path of transformation because of difficulties encountered in the process of transformation

for some wardrobe manufacturers "e; Those who transform will die faster than those who do not " This phenomenon does exist, but it is only an example. The problem is that the transformation of some wardrobe manufacturers is speculative in itself, which often requires immediate results. Today's investment can't wait for tomorrow's output. This mentality is wrong

for example, blindly transform online, join some so-called e-commerce platforms, and become their exclusive local distributor after paying the fee. They hope that the world will lose pie, but do not investigate the strength of these e-commerce platforms, and finally fall into " E-commerce liar " In the trap, I lost my wife and lost my soldiers. But they accuse e-commerce of being bad. E-commerce is all fake, ignoring the facts

for another example, in the process of manufacturers promoting the transformation from business to business, many dealers have made little achievements in the local area after more than 10 years of development. They are afraid of hardship and suffering, and are not willing to go deep into the front line to carry out household " Carpet " Promotion, the final effect of the activity is not good, but blame the promotion activities of the wardrobe manufacturer " Waste people and money "e

it can be said that in the past two to three years, the transformation and reform of some wardrobe manufacturers have encountered " Half hanging sub project "e;. On the surface, they all responded to the call of wardrobe manufacturers and said they would abandon the traditional " Low price and huge profits " Business model, resolutely give up the promotion of Shanzhai and miscellaneous brands, and hate fleeing merchants. But in the actual implementation process, it often appears "e; Sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head " In this case, they are engaged in fleeing goods and selling fake goods, which will overdraw the trust of users

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