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Many owners who have been decorated in Wuhan report that "decoration is too tired". In fact, with the continuous improvement and development of the decoration industry, owners only need to choose a good decoration company, and then they can hand over their home to them. Basically, they can be a "shake hands shopkeeper", and they only need to supervise it in a timely manner. So why do Wuhan decoration owners shout that decoration is too tired

first, Wuhan decoration companies are too difficult to choose

in recent years, Wuhan decoration companies have sprung up all over the streets and alleys. Many owners are troubled when choosing Wuhan decoration companies. Large and small decoration companies dazzle owners. Each decoration company is promoting how good they are. Because most owners are first-time decoration, they do not know the decoration industry, I really hesitated when choosing. Choose a brand company. The quotation is too high and exceeds your budget. Choose a smaller company. The price is cheaper, but you are worried that the construction quality cannot be guaranteed. Wuhan owners feel very tired just in choosing decoration companies

II. The construction quotation is not transparent

Ms. Lin, who lives in Wuchang, specially selected a brand decoration Department in order to ensure quality. This company is quite experienced in decoration. Ms. Lin was very satisfied with the early process of door-to-door room measurement, drawing design drawings and quotation for decoration, especially the decoration quotation, which was priced according to the package that the company was good at. The package included basic engineering, hydropower engineering, ground engineering, purchasing of main materials, etc. Ms. Chen thought that as long as the cost of the package was paid, there was no need to pay any more. Who knows, after the construction, the quotation in the package seems to have become furnishings. For example, ceramic tiles do not include paving fees, hydropower projects do not include switches and sockets, and electric conduits need to be charged additionally. Ms. Lin always thought that the price of the set meal included these contents, but unexpectedly, there were so many tricks hidden

III. The construction team is not responsible for

Mr. Zhang in Hankou negotiated the decoration plan with a decoration company and paid the deposit. The construction team soon entered the site for work. But soon after the construction started, Mr. Zhang found a problem: the construction team was not serious and the work was not professional. "If you need to paint the wall three times, the construction team only paints it twice. How can you take the post at this level?" recommendation: how should the owner choose the decoration company when Beijing Shichuang decoration is complained. "

Third, it's not easy to buy building materials

many owners report that the most annoying thing in decoration is to buy building materials. Many owners choose half a bag, which means that furniture and building materials need to be purchased by themselves. Many owners report that when they buy building materials in Wuhan building materials market, they find that the prices of building materials of the same brand differ greatly in different stores, as big as sofa The bed is so small that the switch panel needs to be compared repeatedly in many stores. As a result, many owners reflect that "their legs are broken". So is there a way for the owner to spend the least money to get the building materials needed in the decoration in one stop? Mr. Ma, who lives in Hankou, told us a good way. He said that he participated in a group purchase of building materials, and easily got most of the furniture, and the price was much cheaper

summary: decoration may be a very tiring thing for owners, but if you choose a good Wuhan decoration company, decoration can actually become very easy. For many inexperienced decoration owners, how to choose a company with high cost performance? The simplest way is to fill in the decoration bidding information on Wuhan home decoration network, and you can sit and wait for 3-4 Wuhan decoration companies to measure the house and make plans for free. In the later decoration process, there are free supervisors to escort the decoration of the owners





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