Scott water-based paint has broad prospects for th

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Scott water-based paint joins in, and the development prospect of water-based paint is broad.

Scott water-based paint joins in, and the development prospect of water-based paint is broad.

according to the development prediction of the paint market this year by insiders, the annual paint output in 2018 will exceed about 22million tons, with a growth rate of about 8%; The output value is expected to be about 440billion yuan, with a growth rate of about 6%. With the continuous improvement of the performance, application technology and experience of water-based architectural coatings in China, the growth rate of water-based architectural coatings has maintained an upward trend. According to the market situation of China's coating industry in 2017 alone, green development has become an industry consensus, enterprises have increased investment in environmental protection, and innovation awareness has become the mainstream

water based coatings have broad prospects for development

water based coatings are a kind of environmental protection coatings that have developed rapidly in recent years. In addition to the high strength, wear resistance and other excellent properties of general solvent coatings, they are non polluting to the environment and have little risk of poisoning and ignition. Because there are urethane bonds in the molecules of water-based resins, the flexibility, mechanical strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance and durability of water-based coatings are very excellent. Europe, the United States and Japan regard them as high-performance modern coatings and vigorously develop them. According to the investigation of the international health organization, most of the traditional chemical solvent coatings are toxic. Working and living in this environment for a long time will do great harm to human body. The rise in the incidence of many -, -, etc. is closely related to the use of toxic coatings. The global economic losses caused by environmental damage caused by the use of toxic chemical solvent based coatings amount to tens of billions of dollars every year. With the improvement of the quality of human life, the voice of people to protect their living space is getting higher and higher, and environmental protection regulations are becoming more and more strict. Therefore, the development of green and environment-friendly coatings has become the development trend of the coating industry. Industrial coatings will develop towards green coatings such as water-based coatings, powder coatings, high solid coatings and radiation curing coatings. Proportion of green industrial coatings: the global coating market is estimated to exceed 126billion euros, and water-based coatings account for more than 40% of the total coating market, about 54billion euros. Some institutions even said in a survey report that the global market scale of water-based coatings is expected to exceed US $13.6 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.1% during this period

architectural coatings have become a new economic growth point

big data research points out that the growth rate of global coating production in 2018 is expected to be about 3%, and the market value growth rate is expected to be about 4.4%, slightly lower than that in 2017. In many countries and regions around the world, the industry with a slightly higher growth rate than GDP is the construction industry. According to the data, Asia accounts for 45% of the global paint market and develops faster than other regions, which has a great impact on the whole global paint market. The development of housing industry can drive more than 5O related industries such as steel, cement and machinery, and further start the raw material market. It can be said that for a long time in the future, the housing industry will become a new growth point of China's economic development, which also provides a broad development space for China's architectural coatings. In the future, the development direction of building interior wall coatings is to develop towards hydration, gradually achieving zero v0c and as few residual monomers as possible. The development direction of exterior wall architectural coatings is high stain resistance, self emulsifying, high solid content and low v0c emulsion paint. In addition, waterproof coatings will also develop in the direction of water resistance, elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, water repellency, sound insulation, sealing and cracking resistance. Such as silicone rubber waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, waterborne PVC waterproof coating, VAE waterproof coating, tar modified polyurethane waterproof coating, thick insulation waterproof coating, energy-saving waterproof coating, neoprene asphalt waterproof coating, etc. Of course, it is necessary to develop functional coatings such as thermal insulation coatings, anti carbonization coatings, decorative fire-proof coatings, anti ant and fly coatings, anti mildew and sterilization coatings and sound insulation coatings

water based paint

although the water-based paint market is entering a period of rapid development, it is still favored by many industry giants, downstream end markets and potential consumers, because the advantages of water-based paint are more obvious. Industry insiders said that water-based paint will be a collective breakthrough in the field of traditional paint, and the labels that pollute the environment and endanger health will completely disappear from the market as the paint is eliminated. From production to use, water paint is more in line with contemporary environmental protection needs, making environmental protection coatings the norm of the industry

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