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Study is an important part of residential environment. Study, as the name suggests, is a room for collecting and reading books. (overall wardrobe brand

study is an important part of residential environment. Study, as the name suggests, is a room for collecting and reading books. Now many urban commercial and residential houses are in short supply, and many small companies and small economists choose to work at home. In this way, the study is not only an extension of the office space, but also a part of home life

color selection: the color of the study should be mainly light green. This is mainly because Wenchang star (also known as Wenchang star), the five elements are wood, so we should use the color of wood, green is appropriate, so as to help flourish Wenchang star. In addition, in terms of physical hygiene alone, green has a protective effect on eye vision, which is very suitable for eyes who are tired of reading, and has a "nourishing" effect

desk orientation: Generally speaking, it is better to place the desk facing the door. For example, if the door of the study is facing south, you can also place the desk facing the door; This is a question of direction

the direction of the desk should face the door, but the position should avoid opening the door, not opposite to the door. Otherwise, if you are angry outside the door, you will not be able to concentrate, and this long-term impacted desk position will inevitably bring losses to your career. This is the most basic rule of desk placement. The desk cannot face the window, otherwise it will produce "looking empty", causing adverse effects

seats have backers: transparent glass curtain architecture is a popular trend. However, as the host of a career or the executor of major decisions, seats must not be backed by glass. This situation of "no backing behind" is the taboo of operators, which will inevitably lose financial fortune and the development of business

do not flush the toilet door on the left and right of the desk, and the desk cannot face the wall of the suite or public toilet

corner of the study: for the desk near the window, pay attention to the sharp corners shot into other houses within 10 meters outside the window. The farther the sharp corners are, the smaller the impact is, and the closer the distance is, the greater the impact is

the necessary supplies for work on the desk are also decorative displays of the study. For example, the placement of the four treasures of the study and the placement of the pen container and pen holder all have strong ornamental value and decoration

beam capping: desk also taboo "beam capping", if it is unavoidable, it is also necessary to install a ceiling to cover it. Don't put the beam on the top of the head or desk of the person sitting, otherwise the business operation will inevitably be difficult, which will affect the physical health and mental state

study that is difficult to gather Qi: any room would rather be small and elegant than large and inappropriate. Some homes with relatively spacious homes set up a large study. In fact, it is difficult to concentrate on reading or writing in such a study. Moreover, if a boss or manager "strategizes" in such a large study, it will greatly hinder the development of his career, and he must not be careless

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