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The acceptance list of the third batch of innovation funds in 2012 was released, and several instrument projects were listed on the list

recently, the acceptance list of the third batch of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises' technology innovation funds in 2012 was released, involving 2359 projects. Among them, Tianjin lanlike, Hebei Xianhe environmental protection, Jida cygnet, Shanghai Xinyi, Shanghai Tongwei, Yantai Dongfang, Changsha Kaiyuan and other instrument companies are all "on the list". The specific items involving instruments and related consumables are shown in the table below:

accepted instruments and related consumables and accessories

sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) infrared leak detector

Beijing Wuke Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

new spectrophotometer for biochemical analysis

Hongze JIAYE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

iris-13c breath test analyzer

Beijing longkexiang Technology Co., Ltd.

intelligent light automatic detection and analysis system based on Double CCD

Tianjin Shengna Technology Co., Ltd.

complete set of automatic smoke monitor

Tianjin lanyuke industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

kit for detecting ractopamine and its application

Tianjin Jiuding Medical Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

digital high Resolution sonic logging tool

Tianjin Taihua Technology Co., Ltd.

series intelligent constant temperature cultivation oscillator

Tianjin Ono Instrument Co., Ltd.

electrochemiluminescence analysis system

Tianjin lanliko chemical and electronic high technology Co., Ltd.

intelligent seismic Precession Vortex Flowmeter Based on HART protocol

Tianjin SMIT Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.

wide range gas turbine optical fiber flowmeter

Tianjin xuner Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

wireless transmission multifunction vehicle tester

Tianjin Huabei weighing instrument factory

pendulum impact tester

Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

continuous automatic water quality monitoring system

Hebei Xianhe environmental protection science and Technology Co., Ltd.

automatic X-ray Tire detection system

Liaoning Instrument Research Institute 4 The undercut depth of reinforcement shall not exceed 0.5mm. The series products of intelligent intubation flowmeter of Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. have high precision Digital laser linear measuring instrument

lat Laser Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone

small molecule organic Nankai University developed "optical drive" Graphene material pollutant analysis mass spectrometer

Changchun Huapu Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

dynamic measurement and control capillary rheometer

Changchun Qilin Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.

environmental monitoring laboratory management system

Jilin senxiang Technology Co., Ltd.

fast food safety analyzer

Changchun Jida Little Swan Instrument Co., Ltd.

qyy-cz-2000 medical ozone therapeutic instrument

Changchun Qingyu environmental protection technology Co., Ltd.

wide spectrum and wide beam spectrophotometer

Jilin Province omxi Technology Co., Ltd.

theodolite compass

Harbin optical instrument factory

portable rapid determination instrument for organic matter in water

Shanghai Xinyi Microwave Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

kf-3000 cerebral circulation analyzer

Shanghai Kuangfu medical equipment development Co., Ltd.

special detector for nutritional components of micro food

Shanghai Tong micro Analytical Technology Co., Ltd.

full automatic spectral analysis system in front of the furnace in the iron and steel smelting process

Shanghai menofo experimental Automation Co., Ltd.

high precision intelligent process detection multi-purpose instrument

Shanghai Yihua Instrument Co., Ltd.

high sensitivity biosensor BOD rapid detector

Jiangsu qingdatong and Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

near infrared soil nutrient rapid detection system

Zhejiang top Instrument Co., Ltd Ltd.

xsz-2108 digital biological microscope

Ningbo Shengheng optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

one step rapid detection kit for melamine

Fuzhou Lanhao biomedical Co., Ltd.

high resolution mine geological detector

Fuzhou Huahong Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd.

uncooled large caliber zoom infrared thermal imager

Jinan Shenrong Electronics Co., Ltd.

toc infrared monitor

tai'an Kerui Optical instruments Co., Ltd.

df-200 multi matrix direct reading spectrometer

Yantai Dongfang analytical instruments Co., Ltd.

sr-2000 infrared gas analyzer

Weifang Huafen Sairui Analytical Instruments Technology Co., Ltd.

yg171l yarn hairiness tester

Laizhou dianzi Instruments Co., Ltd.

tire performance comprehensive testing machine

Qingdao University measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd.

intelligent exhaust dioxin sampler

cyan Laoshan Applied Technology Research Institute

new portable carbon monoxide gas detection and alarm instrument

Hebi Dezheng gas detection Co., Ltd.

sulfur hexafluoride gas quality analysis system

Zhengzhou Jichuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

melamine ELISA Kit

Wuhan Huamei Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

cugtem-8 mining type transient electromagnetic instrument

Wuhan Huadi Instrument Co., Ltd.

liquid impurities Quality inspection system (liquid packaging automatic online inspection equipment station)

Wuhan golden digital image signal equipment Co., Ltd.

biological toxin rapid detection card based on micro gap array method

Changsha Andy Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

highly sensitive plant hormone immunosensor

Changsha high tech Development Zone Agricultural Sensor Technology Co., Ltd.

automatic rapid industrial analyzer

Changsha Ruixiang Technology Co., Ltd.

clinical biochemical glucose diagnostic kit (near infrared colorimetry)

Hunan Yonghe Sunshine Technology Co., Ltd.

5e intelligent energy-saving CHN element analyzer

Changsha Kaiyuan Instrument Co., Ltd.

gas leakage detector and detection equipment

Guangzhou Panyu Keteng Industry Co., Ltd.

multi parameter synchronous surface water quality intelligent detection system

Guangzhou Shanghui Yiye Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

DC continuously improve the inspection and detection support service system source and battery monitoring System

Shenzhen puluco intelligent testing equipment Co., Ltd.

coal gasification device analysis sample pretreatment system

Meishan MAC Equipment Co., Ltd.

portable air quality monitor

Chongqing guren Technology Co., Ltd.

insulin like growth factor binding protein-1 detection kit (immunochromatography)

Chongqing Zhongyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

digital deep seismic instrument

Chongqing Geological Instrument Factory

ccq-800 full-automatic focimeter

Chongqing Yuanshi Technology Co., Ltd.

zgwj10 intelligent optical interference gas recorder PDLLA has mechanical performance degradation within 1 ~ 2 months

Chongqing Tongbo measurement and Control Instrument Co., Ltd.

high speed and extra large power semiconductor device full DC parameter test analyzer

Xi'an Bairen Technology Co., Ltd.

comprehensive multi-functional process calibrator

Xi'an Shengli Instrument Co., Ltd.

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