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The accelerated development of glass deep processing benefited from the Shahe Administration for Industry and Commerce

through opening up a channel, building two platforms and establishing three mechanisms, the Shahe Administration for Industry and Commerce of Hebei Province created a more optimized market access and development environment, and promoted the incremental quality improvement and rapid development of the city's glass deep processing market

one channel is "open up a green channel". The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce insists on creating a service environment of diligence, low cost, high efficiency and excellent service. For the registration and change of glass deep-processing enterprises, measures such as first inquiry and first handling, appointment service, delayed service and door-to-door service are taken to ensure that the materials are complete and immediately handled, the materials are incomplete and the guidance is handled, the urgent matters are handled overtime, the special matters are tracked, and the important matters are handled with recycled water in a small part of the extruded plastic cooling 1

build two platforms, namely, a financing platform and an information platform. Shahe Administration for Industry and commerce actively carried out the registration of chattel mortgage, equity contribution and pledge of exclusive right to registered trademark, improved relevant working mechanisms, guided individual and private enterprises to use mortgage and pledge guarantee for financing, and supported the establishment of a financial service system and credit guarantee system for individual and private enterprises. In addition, Shahe Municipal Bureau also insisted on creating a humanistic environment of honesty, trustworthiness and respect for rules, further promoted the construction of dynamic database of registration information of various market entities by using the classified supervision platform for industrial and commercial enterprises, made efforts to promote the interconnection and sharing of credit information of relevant market entities with other departments, and issued a credit warning for dishonest enterprises, so that glass deep-processing enterprises could better avoid risks

establish three mechanisms, i.e. business consultant mechanism, follow-up assistance mechanism and entrepreneurship training mechanism. The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce adopts the "Three-stage" advisory guidance service of access, change and exit, and uses various administrative guidance forms such as immediate guidance, oral guidance, on-site guidance, appointment guidance, guidance when the manufacturer purchases testing equipment, project approval guidance, etc. Implement "five help" tracking service in registration. That is, help in the application materials, help in determining the name and business scope of the enterprise, and strive to integrate environmental protection technology into its products and services. Help in the application documents and materials, due to the large external space, help in revising, improving and designing scientific corporate governance institutions, and help in setting up the members of the board of directors and board of supervisors of joint-stock companies and limited companies. In addition, Shahe Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has actively cooperated with the labor and Employment Bureau, taxation, trade union and other departments to strengthen enterprise training, effectively form a strong joint force of relevant government departments to promote entrepreneurship and employment, so that glass deep-processing enterprises can work hard to consolidate, expand and improve, and achieve tangible results in terms of scale, grade and level

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