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The 9th "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition was successfully concluded. From May 20 to May 21, the final review and award ceremony of the 9th "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition hosted by international Jifeng packaging group and co organized by Chuangke group was held as scheduled in Shanghai. In the two-day competition agenda, 21 groups of entries from 16 universities across the country competed fiercely. Finally, the works of "Ryobi electric drill circular saw transportation, sales and packaging scheme" by Chi Yansong and chenwanfeng, two students from Beijing Institute of printing and technology, won the special prize, and won the prize of 10000 or the reward from Japan

break out of the tight encirclement: 115 groups of effective works from 34 colleges and universities compete for 21 groups of final places

Jifeng packaging holds the "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition, which aims to create a platform for schools, enterprises and institutions to closely contact and interact, so that players can better combine the theory they have learned with production practice and the market, explore their innovation and innovation ability, and serve the development of the industry. Since the first preparation in 2010 and the first finals held in may2011, so far, the Jifeng cup has been successfully held for nine times

the 9th "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition gave the participating college students two propositions: e-commerce general express packaging carton design and electric tool packaging scheme design. Since the release of the competition, the Organizing Committee of the competition has received 137 groups of design works from more than 1000 students from 34 colleges and universities across the country, of which 115 groups are valid in the preliminary examination. After layers of screening and evaluation, 21 groups from 16 colleges and universities across the country have finally been shortlisted for the finals. The 9th "Jifeng Cup" transportation packaging design competition, both the number of colleges and Universities Participating in it and the quality of their works have reached a record high

at 8:45 a.m. on May 20, the highly anticipated final of the 9th "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition was kicked off after the representatives of the organizer and the co organizer delivered speeches

the charm and influence of the "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition lies in that every year, teachers from the packaging design specialty of colleges and universities, industry experts, customer representatives and industry media representatives will be invited to attend, exchange and witness. The 9th "Jifeng Cup" has extended its influence to Taiwan, China, China. The organizer invited Mr. xuchengyong, a teacher of National Taiwan University of science and technology, to come and guide. In addition, the organizer also invited Mr. guoquanfeng, deputy general manager of creative players, as a special guest. The judges of this competition also include Mr. jiangzengjun, director of art packaging Department of Chuangke group, Mr. fengshuwen, director of packaging research center of deppon Logistics Co., Ltd., Mr. Tu Weiwei, logistics manager of Hangzhou Youke Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Mr. chenzhenqiang, senior engineer of China Packaging Research and testing center, Professor kangyonggang of Tianjin University of science and technology, Professor liaodazhi of Beijing Institute of printing Professor huangjunyan of the basic operation company of the large tensile testing machine, Professor gaozhiyong of Wuhan University, Ms. lixuebin, editor in chief of the new media of China India media, and dozens of industry veterans, including engineers from several branches of Jifeng packaging

in the work evaluation of the finalists of the two propositions, the professional judges paid more attention to the applicability of e-commerce general express packaging carton design and the innovation of electric tool packaging scheme design. Each group of finalists shall show and explain their works within 5 minutes, and the judges' teachers shall ask questions, comment and score within 10 minutes. The defense scene is warm

the birth of the special prize: 21 groups of final works were selected from the best among the professional judges

although the students participating in the final were lack of practical experience, they still played a high professional level in packaging design compared with their peers under the limitations of their own cognition at the school stage. The 21 groups of packaging design works that were shortlisted in the final were exquisite in structural design, or incorporated into practical functional design, or the design was more in line with the real application market, or the 3D design drawings were cool, or the intelligent packaging applications were imaginative and novel and easy to land, which were affirmed and encouraged by the guests present

zhouchangyi, director of the raw material industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the Ninth "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition, said that in the final evaluation, in addition to the excellent award, the third prize, the second prize, the first prize, the special prize, the shortlisted instructor Award, the excellent instructor award, the best instructor award, and the excellent organization award, there were also new popularity awards, potential awards, visionary awards, the best style award, TTI special awards So that the efforts of the participating teachers and students can be more comprehensive praised and encouraged than the composite materials made of carbon fiber used in aerospace

it is worth mentioning that the "Ryobi electric drill circular saw transportation, sales and packaging scheme" designed by Chi Yansong and chenwanfeng of Beijing Institute of printing and directed by hexizhong is the winner of this special prize. The packaging design work has a compact and reasonable internal buffer packaging structure design, complete overall packaging design scheme, especially a more comprehensive consideration of the transportation environment, and also adds handles from the user's point of view in the design details, which fully demonstrates the design ability of the two contestants and deserves its name. Chi Yansong and chenwanfeng won the Japanese tour award provided by the organizer, and the instructor hexizhong also won the same award as the best instructor. The three students will go to Japan for a week together with the elite team of Jifeng packaging

expert sharing: broaden your horizons and improve your professional knowledge reserves and professional skills

on the morning of May 21, before the award was issued, the organizer specially invited three industry experts to the stage to share professional knowledge and industry experience with on-site guests, teachers and students

professor xuchengyong of National Taiwan University of science and technology delivered a speech entitled "cutting edge intelligent packaging technology" to accelerate the supply side structural reform. Mr. Xu gives examples from the aspects of passive, active, interactive and cutting-edge technology packaging trends to analyze the design details that should be paid attention to in packaging design in the application of intelligent packaging technology

Mr. chenzhenqiang, senior engineer of China Packaging Research and testing center, delivered a speech entitled "transportation packaging testing". Starting from the problems faced by transportation packaging, Chen Gong has specialized in interpreting the inspection scope of transportation packaging, transportation environmental hazards, transportation inspection standards, causes of cargo damage and specific methods of transportation inspection, and reminded students that various practical problems in transportation should not be ignored in packaging design

Mr. liangshiyu, the packaging designer of Tianjin Jifeng Packaging Paper Co., Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "sharing of buffer structure design ideas". First of all, Mr. Liang shared the details that should be paid attention to in the design of paper buffer structure through design examples, summarized and analyzed the four common design details of the current contestants, and gave a professional diagnosis and guidance on packaging design to the on-site students. In the second part, Mr. Liang conveyed the importance of accumulated materials in the work of packaging designers through a variety of different applications of tray structure, and also made the guests on the scene experience the skill and flexibility of packaging design

flagship Factory Taicang Jifeng: advanced automation equipment configuration, advanced, standardized and meticulous management

in the afternoon of May 21, the host Jifeng packaging also specially arranged guests and teachers and students to visit the factory of Taicang Jifeng Packaging Paper Co., Ltd

taicang Jifeng Packaging Paper Co., Ltd., which was put into operation in October 2018, is currently the flagship factory of Jifeng packaging factory. Taicang Jifeng is equipped with advanced production equipment such as a 2.5m wide five layer tile line from Germany BHS, a world-famous tile line brand, Kunshan Dongfang Tongchuang tile line supporting automatic base paper logistics, two printing linkage lines from Taiwan Changsheng machinery, two printing machines from Shanghai Dinglong machinery, one full-automatic die-cutting machine from Nantai Seiko, and one full-automatic box tacking machine from Gushan. Taicang Jifeng is not only ahead of the corrugated box packaging industry in terms of equipment automation, but also has its perfect and unique management advantages. In particular, its RFID base paper inventory management system has been applied for nearly ten years, and some of its original application technologies have been patented

during the visit and exchange, the guests, teachers and students were shocked by the ultra-high efficiency and automation in the production of cardboard and carton. In the huge workshop, there are only a few front-line operators everywhere, and the clean and tidy production site is almost spotless

at 16:30 p.m. on May 21, the 9th "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition was successfully concluded. The 9th "Jifeng Cup" packaging structure design competition attracted more than 100 people to participate in the competition, integrating multiple resources such as enterprises, colleges, end users and industry organizations, and further strengthening the influence of the industry! With the conclusion of this competition, the new competition was officially launched, and the "Jifeng Cup" ushered in her tenth birthday. I believe that the 10th "Jifeng Cup" will bring you more wonderful presentation. Let's wait and see

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