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It is strictly forbidden to swipe tickets in the selection of machine tools. Long machine scientific and technological innovation wins the future

[a sentence of China machine tool business column] is spread all over the world. Hello, I'm Xiao Wei from China machine tool business. Now let me tell you about today's machine tool. Please see the main internal printing experiment report content:

Lijia Cup China's good machine tool enterprise brand network voting will begin on July 26. The selection Organizing Committee 2. Experimental methods: it is particularly emphasized that any means and forms of ticket swiping behavior will be classified as unfair competition. This selection activity will adhere to the consistent principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, and resolutely crack down on and severely punish ticket swiping behavior! []

Yichang Changji Technology Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise in China's industry and a gear manufacturing equipment development base. It has won the Yichang Three Gorges quality award, the provincial hidden champion demonstration enterprise, and the national manufacturing single champion cultivation enterprise. []

recently, the LM hxg intelligent steel (plasma) device system independently developed and produced by Beijing linkman CNC Technology Co., Ltd. has been delivered for use in the construction base of Zhejiang Petrochemical 40million ton oil refining and chemical integration project. With excellent machining accuracy and amazing machining efficiency, the system has won unanimous praise from project customers. []

recently, the 2018 Shandong second Centennial Brand Forum and the promotion meeting for the construction of provincial individual champions were grandly held in Jinan. At the meeting, the 2018 Shandong Centennial brand development report and the list of the first manufacturing single champion enterprises in the province were released, and 182 Shandong Centennial brand key cultivation enterprises such as Shandong prison group were awarded. []

on July 24, the finals of the fifth Delta Cup university automation design competition, which attracted much attention, was grandly unveiled at the Wujiang production base of delta. Many university players gathered to stage the ultimate PK. []

from June 4 to 5, 2018, the supplier quality engineer of Jabi electromechanical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. conducted process audit and product audit on the fine blanking products of Beijing Electromechanical Research Institute Co., Ltd. whose automotive experimental data could not be saved and printed. The report believes that the implementation of TS16949:2009 quality management system is effective, the quality of automotive fine blanking products is excellent and stable, and the supply is on time and accurate. Finally, the Electromechanical institute is rated as A-class supplier. 【】

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