No one can replace the hottest puncture clamp and

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No one can replace the puncture clamp and branch cable

since the insulation puncture connector IPC of sICAM point in France entered China in recent years, agents have specially promoted this product and threatened to replace the branch cable. In fact, this is just the need of product promotion. Experts said that no one can replace the puncture clamp and branch cable

puncture Clamps and branch cables have their own advantages and disadvantages. No product in the world is perfect. It is normal that some products are suitable for this occasion while another product is suitable for another occasion. When branch cables first entered our country, they caused panic in bus duct manufacturers, so they tried every means to belittle branch cables, but branch cables are still widely promoted and applied in high-rise buildings and factories with shiny product surfaces. Now, the French puncture line is clamped into China, which also belittles the branch cable and bus duct. Everyone is the same

the biggest advantage of using branch cables is that the cable route system is manufactured in the factory in advance according to the cable route design drawing by the cable factory, and it is not necessary to pay attention to what the electronic universal testing machine needs to pay attention to when operating and storing. The color can be customized to make branch joints on site, which can save construction time and cost, and it is safe and reliable. With puncture Clamps, branch joints need to be made on site. Moreover, the original cable structure needs to be destroyed and the insulation layer needs to be punctured, which is not very reliable in terms of electrical safety

branch cables were first developed in Japan and have been applied in Japan and all over the world, including high-rise buildings and industrial and mining enterprises in Hong Kong, China and major cities in the mainland

the branch cable is made by the cable factory, while the puncture clamp is made by the electrical accessories factory, which is not a product of the same industry at all. In China's cable industry, many enterprises have manufactured branch cables, which have been recognized by the power supply department and are being popularized and applied. Its market will not be affected by the impact of puncture, which will integrate aesthetics and more powerful functions into one body clamp. (end)

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