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The involvement of power selling companies in carbon trading business is not the first case of cross-border integration of power market and carbon market. As one of the first batch of key industries included in carbon emissions trading, the power industry has always been the most important subject of the carbon trading market. At the 2017 Video Conference on climate change held this year, the national development and Reform Commission made it clear that it would launch and operate the national carbon emissions trading market this year, promote the introduction of relevant laws and regulations and supporting policies, and establish and improve the management system of carbon emissions trading market. The notice on doing a good job in the key work of launching the national carbon emission trading market issued by the general office of the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that the main participants of the carbon market are enterprise legal entities or independent accounting enterprise units with a total comprehensive energy consumption of more than 10000 tons of standard coal (including) in key emission industries from 2013 to 2015. According to the notice, Almost all power enterprises should be included in the national carbon trading market. It is self-evident that it is important for the power industry to deeply participate in the construction and operation of the carbon market

explore the development of electric carbon integration in the national unified carbon market

the national carbon market is about to start, and the market heat has already been rising. Many enterprises and institutions choose to seize the opportunity before the market starts. The five power generation groups have raised carbon asset management to the strategic level of the group, and many enterprises and institutions have also expanded their business to Carbon Asset Management and services. In the face of Carbon Asset Management, a proper response can improve the management efficiency of enterprises, reduce operating costs and increase profits. Improper response may cause the loss of carbon assets, reduce market competitiveness and affect the sustainable development of enterprises

an insider in the power industry engaged in Carbon Asset Management said that after the launch of the national carbon trading market, with the fluctuation of carbon quota prices, the tightening of quota allocation and the increase of the proportion of paid quotas, the operating pressure of power enterprises will gradually increase. For power enterprises, the cost of carbon emissions will gradually become an important part of their production costs. It is a new challenge for the operators of power enterprises after joining the carbon market to manage the carbon assets of enterprises in a unified way and raise the carbon emission management to the strategic level of enterprises

the power industry should be the leading industry in carbon trading in the national manufacturing industry and energy supply industry, and become a model for other industries. In other words, power enterprises should recognize the situation in the process of reform, seize opportunities and win future opportunities

insiders generally believe that the opportunity of power system reform provides an opportunity for the construction of a unified national carbon market and carbon trading system. Ma Li, director of the Institute of enterprise strategy of the national energy academy, will seriously affect the measurement results of equipment, pointed out that at present, the reform of the power system is advancing rapidly, and the construction of the green trading system should consider the connection with the process of power marketization, and determine a reasonable total amount control target to ensure a stable power supply. The power industry involves many transaction varieties, and the suitable resolution will be beneficial to the measurement resolution, and is closely related to power trading. The feasibility of directly relying on the power trading platform to carry out other transactions is worth exploring. For example, for the carbon market, carrying out carbon emissions trading on a mature power trading platform has the advantages of broadening trading channels, promoting the mutual coordination of the two transactions, saving costs and so on

with the launch of the national carbon market, power selling companies need to further explore the mode of integrating power trading and carbon trading. Power enterprises should also make full use of carbon resources and markets by establishing and improving carbon asset management system to adapt to the new development situation and even expand new development directions

since the carbon trading market was piloted in seven regions of China, it has played a positive role in energy transformation. In 2017, the country will vigorously promote carbon trading, and the carbon trading market will be gradually launched. Eight key industries including petrochemical, chemical, building materials, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, papermaking, electric power and aviation will be included in the scope of carbon emission trading

Low temperature tank operation process:

the deputy director of the climate change Department of the national development and Reform Commission said: the future carbon market is a continuously improving system, which will develop step by step. From the estimated allocation of quotas in the eight industries, the emissions will reach almost 5 billion tons, which is 50% of the national full caliber emissions, which is already the largest market size in the world

the national carbon market quota allocation will be based on the baseline method, and the policy tools to encourage emission reduction must be changed from the administrative order type, fiscal and tax incentive type to the market type. China's carbon emission quota allocation method will be based on the baseline method. If the emission per unit product is above the baseline, the more products are produced, the larger the quota will be obtained; Enterprises below the baseline need to increase investment to make the emissions per unit product higher than the baseline, otherwise they will have to buy carbon emission rights from the market for each product they produce, or they can only withdraw from the market

2017 national carbon emission trading market is about to start, and the action of various market players to seize the first opportunity once accelerated the warming of the carbon market. As an important part of the carbon market, power enterprises have stepped up their layout in Carbon Asset Management. Among them, the exploration of Carbon Asset Management and services by power selling companies has become a new development direction under the trend of integrated development of power trading and carbon trading, and is also expected to provide solutions for power enterprises to adapt to the power system reform and the national unified carbon market

the carbon market will reach 100 billion level in the future

according to the preliminary estimate of the national development and Reform Commission, the trading price of carbon emission rights of 300 yuan per ton can truly play a guiding role in low-carbon transformation. According to the average standard of carbon price in the seven pilot areas in the country in that year, the transaction scale of the national carbon market can reach 1.2 billion-8 billion yuan; If carbon futures are considered to enter the market, the trading scale will be enlarged to 60billion-400billion yuan

now is a very good time to invest in the carbon market. At present, the carbon price is at the bottom, and the price of most exchanges has fallen to about 20 yuan. Qualitative changes will take place after the launch of the national unified carbon market, and there is still huge room for carbon prices to rise in the future

relevant Review

in 2013, Inner Mongolia Hesheng Ecological Forestry Co., Ltd. completed carbon sink transactions with Hong Kong Disneyland under the CDM clean mechanism. During the 30-year maintenance period, the company planted in strict accordance with the construction standard of carbon sequestration forest, which can fix 220000 tons of carbon dioxide. This is also the first carbon sequestration transaction in China

the Inner Mongolia Shengle International Ecological Demonstration Zone project involved in this carbon exchange was implemented in 2011. The project is committed to exploring the restoration scheme of key ecosystems in arid and semi-arid areas that adapt to climate change, and creating a sustainable restoration mode of "ecological restoration ensures economic development, and economic development supports ecological restoration". By planting trees, managing shrubs, restoring grassland, restoring ecosystem service functions and other measures, 40000 mu of loess hills with seriously degraded vegetation have been successfully restored, and gullies have been effectively controlled

Inner Mongolia Shengle International Ecological Demonstration Zone project has obtained the gold medal project certification of the United Nations CCB (climate, community, biodiversity) standard certification, and has been recognized in mitigating climate change, promoting the sustainable development of communities, and the protection and restoration of biodiversity. Won the China Europe green award at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015

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