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No quality problems were detected in Guizhou imported coatings (2) the interface circuit is a standard interface board used to complete the conversion and signal transmission. The sender learned from Guizhou inspection and quarantine bureau that the Bureau recently conducted quality supervision and random inspection on six categories of imported products sold in the province, and no quality problems were found

the spot check products include six categories of imported products, including coatings, ceramic tiles, infant clothing, underwear, tableware and small household appliances. Through the spot check, the above imported products are not directly imported by Guizhou dealers, but are imported by superior dealers and distributed to Guizhou. The sales merchants can provide legal import certification materials, and no quality problems are found in the spot check

at the same time, the inspection team has successively sampled six categories of imported goods from nine countries in Guiyang International Trade Plaza, Xingli Lixing famous store, Hongxing Macalline mall and other places, and samples of 11 brands with a value of 30000 yuan have been sent to the authoritative department for tensile strength and deformation rate for quality testing

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