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Graphene composite acrylic fiber, there is no electrostatic worry when dressing

graphene composite acrylic fiber, there is no electrostatic worry when dressing

November 12, 2018

in the dry autumn and winter seasons, especially in northern China, the electrostatic problem of clothing has always been a headache. With people's yearning and pursuit for a better life, people's requirements for winter clothes no longer stay warm, but have higher requirements for the comfort of fabrics, the lightness of clothes, casual and easy care

acrylic fiber, a synthetic fiber made of acrylonitrile copolymer, has a good reputation as artificial wool. It has the advantages of softness, bulkiness, easy dyeing, bright color, light resistance, antibacterial, and fear of insects. However, its electrostatic problem has also bothered Chinese coatings for a long time. Is there any way to eliminate its static electricity

dry acrylic fiber: all properties are superior

dry acrylic fiber is very different from ordinary acrylic fiber. The polymer for preparing dry acrylic fiber is obtained by copolymerization of acrylonitrile, methyl acrylate and sodium phenylethene sulfonate. The fiber is cured in high-temperature nitrogen at about 300 ℃. When the evaporation rate of the solvent on the surface of the fiber is greater than the internal diffusion rate, a dog bone shaped cross section different from that of ordinary acrylic fiber is formed. The unique dog bone section of dry acrylic fiber brings many performance advantages to it

because of the dog bone shaped structure, there is a large space or pores between adjacent fibers, which makes the fibers can migrate more moisture from the skin and the active steel enterprise inquiry of the fibers, and its water conveyance property has been significantly improved. The experiment shows that the water transmission per gram of dry acrylic fiber per unit time is about 10% higher than that of ordinary chemical fiber

in addition, the dog bone shaped section also reduces the stacking density of fibers, making the products more bulky and stronger coverage, and saving raw materials when producing products of the same size. The increase of the gap between the fibers also makes more air exist between the gaps, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the fabric and improves the warmth retention of the fabric

dry acrylic fiber has high elastic modulus and low bending modulus, which makes it feel softer, comfortable and crisp. During the forming process, the polymer separation and curing are slow, making the cross-section structure uniform and dense, so the fiber surface is smooth. Plus 4, the effective stretching space: 600 or 800mm; The upper dog bone section has a special effect on light reflection. Two reasons are reflected in the fabric, which makes the surface of the fabric have a more elegant luster

in addition to the physical performance advantages, due to the unique forming conditions of dry acrylic fiber, sodium phenylethene sulfonate is used as the third monomer for modification. As a dyeing group, it has strong dye affinity, which can make the fiber dense and stable in structure, make the dye more easily absorbed, have good dyeing fastness, bright color, and the surface color is uniform and not easy to dye

graphene composite acrylic fiber: antibacterial and antistatic

graphene, also known as single-layer graphite, is a two-dimensional sheet crystal material with only one carbon atom thick, which is closely arranged by the hexagonal structure of carbon atoms. The electron movement rate in graphene is 1/300 of the speed of light, making its thermal conductivity as high as 5300 watts/meter · Celsius, higher than carbon nanotubes and diamonds. Because of the thickness of only one carbon atom, graphene also has a large specific surface area. The specific surface area of single-layer graphene can reach 2630 square meters/gram, while ordinary activated carbon only has a levelness of 0.5/square meters/gram

no one would have thought that graphene would be connected with dry acrylic fiber. In 2018, researchers from the acrylic fiber plant of Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company and Shandong Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. produced graphene composite acrylic fiber by surface assembly method after many tests

graphene composite acrylic fiber, which is composed of graphene and dry acrylic fiber, combines the characteristics of dry acrylic fiber with the super mechanical properties, super large specific surface area and ultra-high conductivity characteristics of graphene, so that it has special properties such as antistatic, far-infrared internal heating, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, and is a disruptive innovation in the textile material industry

after testing, graphene composite acrylic fiber has excellent antistatic and conductive effects, and the specific resistance is from 1012 to 13 Ω Cm decreases to 106~7 Ω Cm below, avoiding the generation of static electricity. In addition, the composite acrylic fiber also has significant antibacterial effect. The antibacterial rate of fabrics made of graphene composite acrylic fiber to Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc. reached more than 96%, far higher than the national standard

in addition to these two excellent properties, the low-temperature far-infrared performance of composite acrylic fiber is also remarkable. Its far-infrared radiation temperature at room temperature rises to 1.6 ℃, which is 0.2 ℃ higher than the national standard. It can stimulate the vitality of human cells, promote the metabolism of human tissues, improve microcirculation, improve immunity, and achieve the health care effect on human body. It is a real internal warming fiber

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