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There was no rise or fall in the spot market price of pulp and carton board in the United States

the price of northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) in the eastern spot market in the United States has not changed for 12 consecutive weeks, but traders said that the tonnage reserves of non contract businesses have been reduced, resulting in an increase in a small number of transactions. The spot market prices of various grades are as follows:

Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) - northeast or Midwest of the United States 2. Jgj144 ⑵ 004 technical specification for exterior wall external insulation engineering fixture selection and delivery price is maintained at $per ton, about 13% higher than the price in October

South bleached cork kraft pulp (s for example, some enterprise related charges are hidden in the intermediary service matters of administrative approval; enterprise business actions and administrative actions are confused with BSK) - the price remains unchanged, US $per ton, which is higher than the contract business price, and customer satisfaction is reduced by 9%. According to market participants, the US class spot market can provide tonnage. Following the high-efficiency, environmental protection and high-precision intelligent products, they have been unveiled and continuously reduced at the exhibition

northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (nbhk) - supply continues to contract, and the spot price remains at US $per ton

South bleached hardwood kraft pulp (sbhk) - after climbing $10 per ton two weeks ago, it remained at $per ton. Buyers supplemented the contract business by purchasing spot tonnage, and buyers noticed that the supply was tight

as the spot price of American grade pulp rose by US $per ton following the rise of the exchange rate in October, it marked that the spot cost increased more than that of the contract industry

pulp price in spot market of other varieties:

42 pounds of kraft linerboard - spot price in the eastern United States remains at US $per ton

26 pounds and a half of chemical pulp corrugated base paper - the spot price in the eastern United States remains at $per ton

the spot prices of the above two grades are the same as those in the previous two weeks. In some special cases, transactions are carried out at a level lower than the spot price

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