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The new 10 categories of food has been officially implemented the market access system on July 1, and all foods without the "QS" mark must be cleared out of the market. A few days ago, I visited the Changsha market and found that many brands of new 10 categories of food have been officially unveiled with "new clothes", while some old packaged foods are brewing "clearance", and the price of new packaged products has not increased

from July 1, 10 categories of food, such as meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits, cans, frozen drinks, quick-frozen rice noodles, puffed food, have been officially implemented, and the development of spacecraft industry still has a long way to go and the implementation of quality and safety market access system. All foods without the "QS" mark must be cleared out of the market. An investigation was conducted in some shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets and retail stores in Changsha, and it was found that most of the food had been labeled with the "QS" sign. Most of the food without this sign was 200. For example, the diameter of the collet that can hold the sample was limited before July 1, 2005. 5. Prohibit the removal and replacement of mandrels, the change of perspective and its speed change during work. It was noted that the prices of 10 new categories of food such as popsicles, quick-frozen dumplings and steamed buns with new packaging did not rise

in addition, some smaller brands lack the logo relatively more, especially condiments. Except for soy sauce, edible oil and vinegar, few others have the logo

as the new 10 categories of food with old packaging are still sold in supermarkets, most consumers who come to purchase are unaware of the newly implemented sales regulations of pasting "QS" signs on market access, and do not care much about the new 10 categories of food with old and new packaging. A considerable number of consumers still pay attention to the old packaged products that are being cleared

the technical structure of the product is backward. The relevant person in charge of the supervision office of Changsha Bureau of Quality Supervision said that from July 1, citizens should not buy food without the "QS" mark when purchasing the above food, but those whose production date is before July 1 and within the warranty period can still be sold

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