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Nowadays, in major shopping malls and supermarkets in Beijing, health care products and food that have been "fattened" by the outer packaging can be seen everywhere: most of the American ginseng slices, called gift packs, look large and heavy. After opening them, you will know that they are only close to the packaging machine 'target'=_ Blank> there are some thin reference pieces near the transparent film, and there are 20 times more waste paper than the reference pieces stuffed inside. According to the person in charge of the food department of a supermarket, there is also an extra large box of black sesame paste, which contains six small boxes, each of which contains eight small bags filled with air, and the black sesame paste in these eight small bags only needs to be put into two small bags. The over packaging of drugs is also not optimistic. Mr. Li, who lives in the Asian Games Village, told him that he recently bought a box of quick acting heart-saving pills. The manufacturer changed the packaging from bottled pills to cartons, and added a layer of plastic film to the packaging box. Not only that, but also a layer of tin film was added to the outside of each pill. The grade of the package has come up, but it is extremely inconvenient to use

compared with the above-mentioned manufacturers using excessive packaging as a means of promotion, charging more with less and charging more with less, some manufacturers use excessive packaging to fake, which is deeply hated by the majority of consumers. In December, 2000, the National Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a spot check on the quality supervision of 45 kinds of fortified milk powder in 45 enterprises in 11 cities. The results showed that although some products were packaged beautifully, the quality was not optimistic. There were 36 kinds of products that cut corners, which were often both driving force and resistance, with or without nutritional enhancers, and the contents of vitamins and trace elements were low, Moreover, many indicators are less than half of the minimum limit of the standard, or vitamins and trace elements are not added at all, which simply cannot achieve the purpose of strengthening nutrition for primary and secondary school students, the elderly and some special people who lack nutrition. Six kinds of products failed to meet the hygienic indicators, and the net content of products of four enterprises failed to meet the requirements of 300-500 grams of goods in the provisions on quantitative packaging Measurement Supervision issued by the State Administration of quality and technical supervision. The negative deviation shall not exceed 3%. Among them, the net content error of elion brand intelligent milk powder for primary and secondary school students produced by Inner Mongolia wulanchabut dairy factory reached -6.8%. Based on 400g/bag, the consumer will be given 27.2g less milk powder per bag, and 0.37 yuan will be deducted per bag according to the sales price of 5.4 yuan per bag. If the annual output of the enterprise is 500 tons, the enterprise will give less milk powder to consumers in one year, which is equivalent to an extra profit of 460000 yuan

the phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods has aroused great concern from all walks of life. At the fourth session of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee, CPPCC members reacted strongly and put forward special proposal No. 3263 on the excessive packaging of commodities

to this end, this newspaper interviewed Che Xiangfu, deputy secretary general and senior engineer of China Packaging Technology Association of the State Economic and Trade Commission. According to him, the problem of excessive packaging involved in CPPCC proposal 3263 is green. If you need spring fatigue testing machines and other measuring equipment, it is within the scope of packaging. An important sign in the meaning of "green packaging" is to use the most economical materials, that is, to reduce quantification. The world's industrial developed countries require that green packaging be used as much as possible. The important connotation of green packaging is the "3R + 1D" principle, that is, reduce reduction, reuse reuse, recycle and grade are e degradable without pressure

according to the Deputy Secretary General of chexiangfu, at present, such excessive packaging has occurred in China, and the situation is becoming more and more serious. If this situation is not stopped in time, it will not only waste a lot of resources, but also produce a lot of packaging waste, increase urban garbage, also increase treatment costs, resulting in a great waste of effective resources

on the problem of excessive packaging of goods, Lu Yingfang, director of the city appearance management office of the Urban Construction Department of the Ministry of construction and senior engineer, told that excessive packaging of goods, first, makes people spend more money unjustly, and second, causes a great waste of resources. Excessive packaging increases the production cost and causes environmental pollution. Third, the waste of excessive packaging can rarely be reused, and the treatment cost is also high

it is learned from relevant parties that the excessive packaging of goods has attracted the great attention of relevant national departments. In order to stop the spread of excessive packaging, the State Economic and Trade Commission is preparing a national green packaging industry development plan. It is reported that planning draft I. use of power supply: ∮ 220V 50Hz case has been completed and is in the process of approval. Relevant experts also pointed out that in the planning, China's packaging regulatory system and green packaging development management system should be established to make China's packaging industry have laws to abide by and be effectively managed

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