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The titanium dioxide market adjusted in August and consolidated at a low price

since this year, the price of titanium dioxide has experienced the longest continuous decline in recent years. As of August 6, the average quotation including tax of titanium dioxide was 14589 yuan (ton price, the same below), down 1.47% from the beginning of July; Compared with 168 yuan in early January, which was 36 yuan in accordance with the provisions of the measures for the hygienic management of plastic products and raw materials for food issued by the Ministry of health, the decrease was 13.35%. Market participants believe that at present, the upstream market is weak, and titanium dioxide manufacturers have a strong mentality that they do not expect prices to rise, but only hope to stop falling. It is expected that low-cost consolidation will become the main tone of the market in August. However, titanium dioxide has unparalleled high performance, and the medium and long-term market is worth looking forward to. Golden nine silver ten may start a small rebound

the titanium ore market is not awesome

since this year, the domestic titanium concentrate market has been weak, and businessmen's expectations are pessimistic. In July, some miners were forced to stop production due to drought, power rationing in some areas, and rectification in Panzhihua area in particular. The demand for titanium dioxide is weak, and the overall inventory pressure of the market is large. Langsheng's high-performance materials business department is also investing in its global production of high-performance plastics. The miners have a strong desire to ship, and the transaction price has repeatedly hit new lows. The quotation of the main mining area on August 6 showed that the tax free price of 446 grade titanium concentrate in Panxi area was 880 ~ 910 yuan, down 5.38% from the highest price of 930 yuan in early July

in addition, since June 9, the Vietnamese government has restricted the export of titanium concentrate, and China's import of titanium concentrate has decreased significantly. According to customs statistics, the import volume of titanium ore and its concentrate in June was 216000 tons, down 33.7% year-on-year and 5.94% month on month. However, the reduction in imports has not been beneficial to the domestic titanium dioxide market. On the one hand, many miners' early inventory has not been fully digested; On the other hand, the titanium dioxide industry as a whole is depressed, and there is little demand for foreign minerals

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