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Titanium dioxide market is strong and stable, titanium concentrate shows no signs of fluctuation

the market opens after the festival, domestic performance does not meet the requirements, titanium concentrate market still shows no signs of fluctuation, downstream demand is limited, merchants have no intention to adjust prices, and the market trading atmosphere is difficult to heat up. At present, the transaction price of 46.5% titanium concentrate in Panxi region is still concentrated in yuan/ton, and 50% titanium concentrate in Guangdong region is concentrated in yuan/ton

although the price of sponge titanium kept rising before the festival, the cost support was limited, and the downstream demand was low, so the titanium product market was still calm, and the price was difficult to rise temporarily. The news of titanium ingot storage in October has not been implemented, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. It is expected that the short-term market will remain stable

the mainstream of ferrotitanium market continues to stabilize. Although some businesses intend to raise the price of 70 base ferrotitanium, most still maintain the level of oil delivery valve inspection before the holiday, so the overall rise has not formed. The production cost of 30 base ferrotitanium remains high, and the manufacturers' enthusiasm for production is generally low, so the power of price adjustment is also insufficient. At present, the bidding purchase price of 30 base ferrotitanium in steel plants is concentrated at yuan/ton, and that of 70 base ferrotitanium is about 31600 yuan/ton

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titanium dioxide market is strong and stable. After the holiday, the stock prices of leading titanium dioxide enterprises such as Bailian rebounded, supporting the good mood of the spot market. Although the downstream demand has not been significantly released, the market still maintains a rising trend. At present, the mainstream transaction price of rutile titanium dioxide is concentrated between yuan/ton and anatase yuan/ton. It is expected that the short-term price will rise steadily

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