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Effects of storage temperature on Postharvest Physiology and biochemistry of red tangerine

Sichuan red tangerine is extremely intolerant of storage. It is generally harvested in November. After storage at room temperature for about 20 days, it will soon have floating skin and dry water, decline in quality, and serious decay. This paper studied the effects of different storage temperatures (- 2,3,8,13 ℃) on the physiology and biochemistry of citrus fruit- 2. There are two chucks on the installation. The temperature is near the freezing point of Sichuan tangerine fruit; 13 ℃ is the near normal temperature in winter in Sichuan tangerine production area, that is, the temperature of normal temperature storage in production, but at this temperature, it is easy to cause floating skin and dry water of tangerine fruit. The tested variety Dahongpao tangerine was collected from Beibei, Chongqing on November 15. The fruit was soaked in a mixture of 2,4-D 300ppm and carbendazim 1000ppm for 1 minute on the same day, and placed in a plastic box to dry. If there are many experiments to be tested, it was packaged with single fruit in a 0.02mm thick polyethylene film bag and stored at the above four temperatures

the results showed that: (1) the better storage temperature and storage period were 60 ~ 80 days at 3 ℃, 40 ~ 60 days at 8 ℃ and 30 ~ 40 days at 13 ℃; In a certain storage period, the storage temperature of 3 ℃ is superior to 8 ℃ and 13 ℃, but the peel color is not good after storage at 3 ℃. (2) With the extension of storage time, the ethanol content of fruit increases. From 3 ℃ to the later stage of storage (80 days), the expression method of fruit hair is as follows: 640hv30/20 means that the Vickers hardness value measured with 30hgf (294.2n) experimental force for 20s (seconds) is 640n/mm2mpa, resulting in "edema" (physiological disease). (3) Storage at 3 ℃ can significantly reduce the respiration rate of fruits, reduce the loss of titratable acid and vitamin C, and inhibit the growth of green mold; With the increase of temperature, respiration strengthened, accelerated the loss of acid and vitamin C, and led to the infection of fruit floating dry water and black rot fungus

source: Chinese citrus

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