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Titanium dioxide pollution prevention and control policies are being formulated

recently, the illegal emissions of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the titanium dioxide industry, were exposed, giving the public a sensory understanding of the pollution problems in the titanium dioxide industry. It is reported that the pollution of titanium dioxide industry has been the safe use of aluminum alloy cables in the United States and other countries for several decades, which has attracted great attention from relevant national departments. The Ministry of environmental protection is formulating pollution prevention policies for titanium dioxide industry, and the national development and Reform Commission is formulating energy consumption standards for titanium dioxide industry. Industry insiders believe that with the tightening of environmental protection policies, the environmental protection costs of enterprises will increase significantly. The titanium dioxide industry must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, so as to accelerate the pace of eliminating backward production capacity and promote the recovery of the industry

leading enterprises are exposed to illegal emissions

according to the China Securities News, titanium dioxide, the chemical name of titanium dioxide, is considered to be the best white pigment in the world at present

on August 11, 2013, the nianshui action led by Alashan see public welfare organization came to Chongqing to carry out the nianshui action and the Yangtze River water conservation activities. The organizer of the event announced through Sina Weibo on the same day that the on-site monitoring of the surface water rapid detection package developed by an environmental protection NGO showed that the iron in the sewage discharged by Pangang Chongqing Titanium Co., Ltd. through the Yangtze River outfall exceeded the standard

on August 12, Pangang vanadium titanium announced a temporary suspension. On August 13, the company announced that about 32% of the pollution in China was from the closed old slag yard of Chongqing Titanium Industry. At present, the specific causes of pollution are still under further investigation. Pangang vanadium titanium said that it would actively cooperate with the environmental protection department to highlight bio based rubber and the investigation of social institutions. After identifying the causes, it would actively take relevant measures to deal with the percolation problem of the old slag plant in a timely manner

Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau has issued a document ordering Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. to rectify immediately. After preliminary investigation, it is found that the company's improper discharge of iron containing wastewater is true

as the leader of titanium dioxide industry, Chongqing titanium industry is still so, and the overall situation of the industry can be imagined. Insiders said that the titanium dioxide industry is a highly polluting industry, with large emissions of three wastes and high treatment costs. Small and medium-sized enterprises and some leading companies in the industry have certain problems in environmental protection

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