The hottest titanium dioxide market is difficult t

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The titanium dioxide market is difficult to fluctuate

on March 22, the maintenance of the domestic titanium dioxide market brought confidence and stability to the extruder enterprises. The downstream demand of the terminal was general, and the manufacturers' shipments were flat

macro economy: on Tuesday, the central bank carried out 80billion 7-day reverse repo, with a net investment of 60billion a day. At this time, the central bank continued to increase the amount of capital investment through reverse repo, which helped to stabilize the capital surface

supply and demand side: at present, the mainstream enterprises in the domestic titanium dioxide market start work smoothly, mostly control the low-level operation of inventory, the overall supply is relatively abundant, the terminal demand side performance is poor, and the transaction volume is limited

mentality: at present, most operators have a wait-and-see attitude towards the setting of processing parameters for controlling and then removing the servo valve. A few enterprises say that the shipment is not good, and they have short expectations in the later stage. Import agents are expected to be bullish in the late period

prediction: titanium ore is rising, and the cost side is on the high side. Titanium dioxide enterprises are mostly hovering at the edge of the cost line, mainly supporting prices. However, the recovery of the real estate industry is transmitted to the terminal side slowly, and the demand is difficult to increase. Short term operators are mainly on the sidelines of stabilizing prices. It is expected that the short-term titanium dioxide market will be difficult to fluctuate

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