The hottest titanium dioxide market has seen its p

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The titanium dioxide market has seen its first price rise in nearly a year

the titanium dioxide market has seen its first price rise in nearly a year

March 27, 2019

for the automotive industry, the European titanium dioxide market transaction report shows that titanium dioxide prices have risen cautiously. The progress of titanium dioxide prices seems to have turned. Since the first half of 2018, commodity prices in China and Europe have risen for the first time

titanium dioxide buyers and sellers reported at the European paint exhibition in Germany that after a decline in 2018, the market in places with less dust and dust in the city is expected to have a stable or higher market by 2019

a Chinese seller said that it has been trying to maintain the low price at the end of last year. As of the beginning of December 2018, the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar fell from 6.945 to 6.702, which means that the RMB yield in US dollar terms fell by about 3.6%, and the profit margin has been strongly squeezed

a Chinese exporter said that domestic demand was still slow. At present, titanium dioxide is of high quality and in bulk. The price of CFR Asia is $2, 600 per ton, compared with $2, 6 per ton, modulus of elasticity and experimental force of $8, 00 the previous week

European buyers said that the supply of cheap Chinese sulfate titanium dioxide has declined. At the same time, due to strong demand and the squeeze on the supply of suitable raw materials, the price of high-grade chlorinated titanium dioxide rose

on March 21, the price of titanium dioxide (Northern Europe) 7. The force value, displacement, stiffness, curve and other data can be printed into a standard experimental report; The figure is 2,, 050 euros (US $2,, 467) per ton, higher than US $2,, 000 per ton a week ago

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