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Titanium dioxide market is temporarily stable, and the price of ferrotitanium continues to decline

in the international market, according to the European Strategic small metal quotation, the price of sponge titanium remains stable, and the mainstream report is 10 PLC controls the electromechanical drive to slide the workbench and automatically move the workpiece out of the gantry $3/kg titanium; The price of ferrotitanium continued to fall, with a transaction range of 5 US $7/kg titanium, down US $0.05. The European steel market is weak, and the arrival of the summer break has exacerbated the downturn in demand. It is expected that the titanium iron price will fall again in the future

in the domestic market, the transaction of titanium concentrate is not smooth, the confidence of merchants is insufficient, and the inventory in Panzhihua area is high. Some miners began to reduce prices and take goods in order to clear the inventory, which has a great impact on the titanium market, and the ore price in the future may fluctuate and decline again. The price of titanium dioxide fluctuated little, and the quotation of leading enterprises was stable, which limited the price increase of some manufacturers. At the same time, the downstream demand was still weak, which could not support the rebound of titanium dioxide market. At present, the mainstream of rutile titanium dioxide is reported at yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is mostly at yuan/ton

there is a rebound in the steel market, and many people choose domestic electromechanical products, but the steel mills' procurement of ferrotitanium has not improved, and the price has always been mainly reduced. Moreover, the ferrotitanium market itself operates in chaos, and there is a large gap between the prices of manufacturers. After entering the summer, the price of ferrotitanium also fell slightly. At present, the mainstream report of high-speed ferrotitanium is 32 yuan/ton, with a decrease of 1000 yuan. Under the background that the profitability of steel mills has not improved substantially, the ferrotitanium market is likely to continue to operate in a weak position

macroscopically, the 40 planned railways in the central and western regions are short of money, and less than half of them have been started; Reform of railway investment and financing system: introduce 200 billion private capital within two years; The UK economy grew by 0.6% last quarter, doubling month on month

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