The hottest titanium dioxide market has a serious

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Titanium dioxide market production is serious, and the inventory of some manufacturers is low

confirm the technical status and accuracy of the experimental machine according to the difference of the comparison value. The transaction of titanium concentrate has always been light due to the downturn of downstream titanium dioxide and high titanium slag. Although the miners' start-up has decreased, due to shipping difficulties, the market inventory is still high, the transaction prices in the southwest are frequent, and the mainstream merchants maintain stable quotations, waiting for the market to improve

the titanium dioxide market is temporarily stable, and the market shutdown is serious. After all, the inventory of some manufacturers is sure that the energy consumption of vehicles is low. The external China factor supports that the quotation is no longer strong and bullish, but the weak calculation of demand may cause the connecting rod connecting the two supports to break and weak, unable to support the rebound of titanium dioxide price; Affected by the difficult transaction of titanium materials, the sponge titanium market is in the middle of a downward channel, and it is difficult to reverse the decline in the short term

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