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Titanium dioxide prices rose again to confirm the judgment of the industry boom

titanium dioxide prices rose again to confirm the judgment of the industry boom of about 45%, relying on imports to solve the problem

April 5, 2017

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affected by the recent rapid rise in the prices of various raw and auxiliary materials, rising logistics costs and other factors, the cost of titanium dioxide, the company's leading product, has increased significantly compared with the previous period. According to the research and decision of the company's price committee, from now on, the sales price of various types of titanium dioxide (including titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method and titanium dioxide by chlorination method) will be increased by 1000 yuan/ton for domestic customers and 100 dollars/ton for international customers on the basis of the original price

1. The judgment on the boom of titanium dioxide industry has been verified and continues to be optimistic

in 2016, the titanium dioxide industry, which has continued to believe that the supply and demand pattern has been substantially improved, is still in the boom upward channel, mainly due to the current high cost and environmental protection pressure, and the new also provides various equipment information. 1. The load time history, limited interest supply, and the short-term market supply tension are difficult to ease. Our views and logic have been gradually verified, and it is judged that there is still room for titanium dioxide prices to rise in the future

2. The export situation of titanium dioxide is good, and the demand is expected to grow steadily

at present, the domestic rutile titanium dioxide negotiation is yuan/ton, and the anatase titanium dioxide negotiation reference is yuan/ton. At present, the negotiation reference of titanium dioxide produced by chlorination in China is yuan/ton, and some high-end prices are 20000 yuan/ton. While 46% of the mainstream titanium concentrate market price excluding tax is yuan/ton, and 47% of the price excluding tax is yuan/ton. The protection role of the industry from raw materials to product supply and demand is still tight. The data of the General Administration of Customs in January 2017 showed that the export was 59300 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 15.15%. In February, the export was 52100 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 16.69%. The export situation was good, ensuring the steady growth of demand

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