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Titanium dioxide industry segment or enhance economic competitiveness

ancient Tianji horse racing won the race only by adjusting the starting order. It can be seen how important it is to subdivide and optimize the internal order. Refined guidance and service are not only the internal requirements of economic laws, but also the only way for social development. Segmentation has charm, potential and strength to enhance the power, vitality and competitiveness of economic development for a long time

subdivision requires distinguishing between economic aggregate and structure; Risks and opportunities of cross-border capital flows; The appearance and essence of market fluctuation; Liquidity flow rate, inflow and outflow; Market volume price relationship and mutual influence; In particular, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is the selective wavelength function change that can be used to make head up displays and color swatches, or the qualitative change that people pay more attention to the process of dynamic experiments

market segmentation is a high-frequency word in marketing. Derived from this concept, economic segmentation is also an important concept in economic life. Economic segmentation provides a way to deal with complex situations, thorny problems and sharp contradictions. The more segmentation, the more ideal, scientific, cheap, efficient and practical countermeasures can be found

how to grasp the pulse of market segmentation in titanium dioxide industry, and do a solid job in market segmentation, high-end and high-quality products, use segmentation, avoiding the low-end "universal" type, and finding the right market is the only way for enterprises to get out of difficulties

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it is normal for China's titanium dioxide industry to have some uncoordinated and unbalanced relations in the uphill shift, but the real background, reason and mechanism must be clarified; Which response is more efficient? Which arrangement is more fair? Which disposal is more sustainable

in economic life, it is said that resource allocation, but some allocation is not resource utilization, but resource destruction. Subdivision can prevent and stop resource utilization from turning to resource destruction. At the time of overcapacity, find out unreasonable production technologies that are seriously polluting and harmful to the environment to transform and innovate, or shut down and transfer them in time. The new environmental protection law revised this year will be a very severe test for titanium dioxide manufacturers

it is reported that in mid June, the second China Titanium chlorination technology and titanium raw material application seminar, hosted by the titanium white branch of China National Coatings Association, will focus on the application-oriented discussion and market-oriented discussion of titanium raw material preparation technology and titanium chlorination technology required by "titanium tetrachloride", using the vertical and in-depth conference platform of national industry associations, provincial industry associations and municipal local government industry associations, Integrate the social resources and public resources of the titanium related industrial chain, systematically discuss the achievements and experience in the industrial transformation process of current international and domestic scientific research and teaching titanium related topics, and highlight the current importance, growth inevitability and application feasibility of "Panzhihua company will still adhere to the strategic transformation to promote the development of western strategic resource development technology", so as to enhance the competitiveness of the national titanium industry in the global industrial pattern

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