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Evert: adhere to high-density R & D investment and strive to break through core technology

robots are the Pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown. Their R & D, manufacturing and application are important signs to measure a country's scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level. It is the responsibility of every domestic robot enterprise to continuously improve its scientific research ability and realize the autonomy of core technology. As the first tier enterprise in China's industrial robot industry, evert maintains a strong sense of hunger for scientific research breakthroughs. At present, evert has 16 core technologies. These core technologies are based on evert's R & D capabilities. Evert leads continuous R & D and innovation, and they are not simple process transformation. After digestion and absorption, this technology has been or is close to mass production, which is a mature technology. Evert is original in the implementation method or technical route, which belongs to the original technology

at present, evert has determined a clear development strategy, built a corresponding business development platform at home and abroad, and basically realized the digestion and absorption of overseas nuclear and metal materials. The experimental machine is an equipment heart technology for testing the mechanical properties of various materials. On this basis, it has independently developed and made sufficient preparations for business expansion in terms of development direction, implementation subject, technical foundation, etc

layout the whole industrial chain for coordinated development to enhance differentiated competitiveness

in June 2014, evert began to enter the stage of rapid development from Chery's independence. Through sufficient industry research, evert believes that in order to achieve leapfrog and sustainable development of industrial robots, it is necessary to lay out core components, complete machines, and system integration businesses, and form a coordinated development pattern throughout the entire industrial chain. Among them, the whole machine business is the core, which can improve the differentiated competitiveness of the system integration business and promote the rapid maturity of the parts business; At the same time, the system integration business can improve the penetration of the whole machine business in the subdivision field; The core parts business improves the core competitiveness of the whole machine business in terms of cost, performance and function. The three complement each other and promote together

evert establishes a core team of technicians and an independent R & D system, and implements special research and development for different core technology systems. At present, evert has the related core technologies such as the forward design and optimization technology of robot mechanical ontology for dynamic performance. In the field of system integration, which has just started, the core parts business is still relatively lacking. To this end, evert combed the technical basis required for each business link, and for the weak links that are still lacking, it adopted the way of overseas mergers and acquisitions, digesting and absorbing overseas technology, so as to achieve independent control. Through capital investment to shorten the research and development time, evert has fully proved that this is an effective development path

on the basis of original technology transformation, evert made full use of overseas technical resources to carry out continuous R & D and innovation, further improve the overall technical level, and effectively expand its spraying business system integration ability, general industrial system integration business segment, automotive industry system integration business and core parts business segment

focus on independent research and development to break through core technologies

like domestic peers, evert also has factors that restrict the breakthrough of core technologies in the manufacturing of core components of industrial robots. In order to make a breakthrough in this field, evert strategically invested in robox and established a holding subsidiary in China, Ribes, to develop robot controllers and multi axis high-performance servo drive products. Among them, the control system products have been applied in batches to light desktop robots and some types of small and medium-sized robots; Servo driven products are currently being introduced into light desktop robots. At the same time, by participating in aoyi precision machinery, it has formed a strategic partnership with aoyi precision machinery in the field of robot precision reducer

as of the end of 2019, evert has 481 people engaged in the research and development of technicians for the determination of linear dimensions of foamed plastics and rubber (gb/t6342 ⑴ 996), accounting for 33.15% of the total number of employees of the company. After years of independent research and development accumulation and introduction, digestion and absorption, the core technological breakthrough achieved by evert has realized the full coverage of the manufacturing process of industrial robots from the brain to the limbs. These autonomous and controllable core technologies are of far-reaching significance to the self-report of China's industrial robot industry, which aims to guide the process of R & D expenditure and commercial investment

as the demographic dividend subsides and the demand for industrial upgrading expands, the overall demand for industrial robots and system integration in China's manufacturing industry gradually increases, while the development of downstream industries and the demand for industrial robots and system integration show different characteristics. Now, evert is still innovating and developing to adapt to the changes of market demand, and constantly making breakthroughs in core technologies will also contribute to the autonomy of China's robot industry

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