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Titanium dioxide industry successfully responded to South Korea's anti-dumping case

titanium dioxide industry successfully responded to South Korea's anti-dumping case

Research on the design, synthesis and production process of major remodeled energetic materials in September 2016. On the 14th

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recently, the China Council for the promotion of international trade held a summary meeting on the response to South Korea's anti-dumping investigation of titanium dioxide in Beijing. It was learned at the meeting that this was the first trade remedy case initiated by South Korea against China since the China South Korea free trade agreement came into force, and it was also the first collective response to anti-dumping cases by China's coating industry

on December 30, 2015, the South Korean Trade Commission announced that it had launched an anti-dumping investigation against coated rutile titanium dioxide (commonly known as "titanium dioxide") originating in China. On March 28, 2016, the South Korean Trade Commission held a hearing on the anti-dumping case of titanium dioxide from South Korea against China. June 15 1 Mechanical properties include strength, elasticity, plasticity, creep, fatigue, etc;, The South Korean investigation authority issued the preliminary determination announcement of this case, and the three enterprises obtained the anti-dumping tax rate of 4.02% to 5.11%, and made a ruling that no anti-dumping tax will be levied after the preliminary determination. On August 16, with the concerted efforts of Chinese government agencies, industry associations and many enterprises, South Korea officially announced the "termination of this anti-dumping investigation". The win-win result is rare in China's response to foreign anti-dumping cases in recent years, which has greatly boosted the morale of enterprises

"in the context of the overall expansion of exports of China's coating industry, the success of this case is of great significance, avoiding a series of chain reactions such as imitation by other countries." Sunlianying, President of China Coating Industry Association, sighed, "the interests involved in international trade are complex, especially at the key node where frictions occur frequently, we must know how to safeguard the interests of domestic industries."

Fu Yijiang, Deputy Secretary General of the China Titanium Dioxide Industry Association, told China trade news that the rutile titanium dioxide involved in this case is widely used, covering coatings, inks, paper, plastics and many other fields. With the success of the case step by step, from January to July this year, China's titanium dioxide exports totaled 4120800 tons, an increase of 29.03% year-on-year. The top three export countries are India, the United States and South Korea

it is reported that South Korean downstream users have always had a good relationship of mutual trust and mutual benefit with Chinese titanium dioxide enterprises. China exports about 40000 tons of titanium dioxide to South Korea every year, while South Korea's annual production of cocmo chemical is less than 10000 tons, which cannot meet the needs of the South Korean market

"It is extremely rare for the Korean investigating authority to launch an anti-dumping investigation on the ground of 'impeding the establishment of industries'. In fact, the occasional suspension of production of special types of products by individual Korean enterprises is caused by market changes and poor management, and has nothing to do with the normal export of Chinese enterprises. Legally,' impeding the establishment of industries' requires a higher threshold of evidence than 'material injury' or 'threat of material injury', and the evidence provided by the applicant cannot meet the relevant requirements Relevant requirements. " Liu Chao, Vice Minister of the Legal Affairs Department of the China Council for the promotion of international trade and head of the enterprise rights and interests protection center, said in an interview with China trade news that the reasons for filing this case have attracted global attention. If South Korea successfully adopts anti-dumping measures on this ground, it will have a negative demonstration effect and may trigger a chain reaction in many countries or regions

"at the first time of the case, the CCPIT and the industry association gave us all-round guidance on organizing enterprises to hold a response meeting. At the end of March this year, the CCPIT also led the enterprises involved to South Korea to participate in the hearing." There are rust, foreign matters, mechanical damage or poor smoothness in the common parts of Ningbo a piston and cylinder block, said Zhou Ying, general manager of Xinfu titanium dioxide Co., Ltd, "Minister Liu Chao of the China Council for the promotion of international trade argued on behalf of Chinese enterprises at the hearing. Since then, the working group has held talks with the South Korean investigators, the paint and ink Association, the Chinese Commercial Counselor's office in South Korea and other institutions, prompting the investigation institutions to extend the investigation period and winning valuable response time for enterprises."

sun Lianying said that after the case occurred, the industry highly recognized the professional level and international case response ability of the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the China International Chamber of Commerce. This victory was hard won and provided a good example for our future work

there is an example of industry clustering

it is worth mentioning that titanium dioxide enterprises responded to the anti-dumping investigation with unprecedented unity. Liu Chao said that while the CCPIT actively communicates and closely organizes with the Ministry of Commerce and other departments, the cooperation of enterprises enables us to quickly form a joint force

it was learned from the meeting that in early August, Sichuan longmang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. took the lead in raising prices in response to possible allegations of "low prices". In the next two days, a total of 7 titanium dioxide enterprises announced price increases, with a price increase of 500 yuan/ton. After the "nine consecutive rises", the cumulative increase of longmang company has reached 4200 yuan/ton, more than 30% higher than the low point of last year. On September 5, Anhui anada Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter, saying that from now on, the domestic sales base price of all rutile and anatase titanium dioxide in anada will be increased by 400 yuan/ton, and the foreign trade sales base price will be increased by 50 dollars/ton

"the Ministry of commerce can adjust the test piece to be 1 (2) mm away from the upper pressing plate to provide government support and guidance with the economic and commercial reference Office of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, and the enterprises actively cooperate; the China titanium dioxide association gives full play to the advantages of industry organizations, offers suggestions and provides industry information; the China Council for the promotion of international trade takes the lead in coordination, and the legal department, the representative office in South Korea and the enterprise rights and interests protection center perform their respective duties, strengthening lobbying efforts on the basis of consolidating traditional legal defenses." Liu Chao said that this is an effective model we have explored to deal with economic and trade friction cases

Fu Yijiang said that the victory of this case established the legitimacy of China's export and was conducive to improving China's position in the international titanium dioxide market. Under the favorable situation that the export growth rate of titanium dioxide in China is expected to increase in the future, it is very necessary to improve the quality and win the recognition of the international market. The anti-dumping investigation of South Korea sounded an alarm to Chinese enterprises, and also showed the irreplaceable role of the China Council for the promotion of international trade in trade warning and friction response

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