The hottest titanium dioxide Market in October

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Titanium dioxide Market in October

in mid October, the price of titanium dioxide in East China market fell slightly. Among them, the price of titanium dioxide (R930) fell from 18133 yuan/ton in the first ten days of October, when engineering plastics and general plastics were the most used in automobiles, to 18000 yuan/ton in mid October. The price pattern showed a slight downward trend. After the destruction of Trina and Rita, the American construction industry is facing challenges, especially the increase in demand and the spiral rise in raw material prices. The shortage of raw materials in many special construction industries around the world, such as titanium dioxide and packaging materials, will increase price pressure in the foreseeable future; However, judging from the domestic situation of our country, the recent titanium dioxide market supply is still relatively sufficient, which limits the price increase, and the exemplary role of advanced green manufacturing continues to play. Judging from the current situation, titanium dioxide prices will show a slight consolidation trend in the future

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