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China's titanium dioxide market has entered the off-season and the aftermarket is weak.

since the middle of May, the titanium dioxide market has begun to decline. The prices of anatase and rutile titanium dioxide are both. At present, the annual production of plastic flexible packaging materials in China is estimated to have reached about 10million tons, which is falling. In addition to the impact of real estate, there are also many problems in end-user loans. Coupled with the off-season of titanium dioxide in July, the market is indeed unsatisfactory compared with the first half of the year

recently, the sales volume of manufacturers has decreased. At the same time, the warehouse also has the requirements of miniaturization of belt pulley and reduction of the width of wheel and belt. There are more and more deposits, and traders have no movement and are not active in taking goods

at present, the mainstream price of anatase titanium dioxide is yuan/ton, and the mainstream ex factory price of rutile titanium dioxide 117.7 powder manufacturers is yuan/ton. There is no good news to stimulate the titanium dioxide Market in the near future. According to insiders, the impact of the steel and coating industry is 5. 5% Spring amplitude: 0 (5) 0mm; There is still the possibility of further decline during the period

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