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This black bean is the best of all - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Some of the world’s finest dishes are so easy to do that even complete amateurs can manage them as well as any cook with three Michelin stars. This is because these dishesThe troop concentration, saying it, once in the pot with a minimum of preparation, look after themselves:1618606802243,. The cook’s contribution is virtually nil, yet when the dish is on the table, the kudos come pouring into the kitchen.

Several of Spain’s superb array of pulses — they are among the world’s best — are in this category but we are inclined to ignore themtime, partly because they are somewhat expensive…or, more exactly, they appear to be on the dear side.

The Basque Country’s ultra-famous alubias negras de Tolosa is the most exclusive of Spain’s beans: it’s extra special quality and relative scarcity make it the country’s most expensive bean. It’s the Rolls Royce of the bean world.

These Tolosa beans were selling at €25 a kilo last year — which is more than 12 times dearer than a normal supermarket bean. That comparison makes them sound extremely expensive. But when you take into account that a kilo of Tolosa beans will provide a dish for 10 people, the cost per head is €2.50. That is hardly a budget-breaking price.

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