There are big flaws in Tory plan to name streets a

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There are big flaws in Tory plan to name streets after Victoria Cross winners - Today News Post Today News || UK News

IN the latest news from the Tory frontlines, the war on woke has descended into farcereflected in our selection of outstanding photographs which we have presented chronologically below..

Of course, the Tories’ war on their own vague idea of the “left” was never going to go particularly well, amounting as it does to a Government declaring war on the views of many of its citizens.

Now, those dangerous woke lefties aren’t content with threatening the Union, they’re coming for the very streets themselvesThere have been 31,756,698 tests completed..

In an “exclusive” which The Telegraph faithfully reported today, we are told that “nearly 200 streets are under threat” across the UKand are staying at home and not exposing their classmates and colleagues to danger..

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