Wallpapers with Wallpapers embroidered by wallpape

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In August, Wallace's "eyes" series will launch new products, from European style to Chinese style, and from modern to American style. The eleven flower patterns include natural flowers, geometric figures, Chinese bamboo leaves, etc., with plain shading, from Baroque plants, to Chinese tile wall elements, and then to plain patterns with a full sense of modernity, presenting various styles and characteristics

classical European style, extravagant feelings

Damascus is the unchanging theme. With the follow of neoclassicism advocates, this symbol of luxury and royal flavor is enduring

elegant Chinese style, freehand brushwork

the popularity of retro style makes the simple, elegant, simple and natural style flourish in the living environment. The outline is sketched with a few strokes of embroidered thread to depict the charm of Huizhou architecture

sit alone in the Yellow River, play the piano and watch the moon. The freehand brushwork of ink painting depicts the veins of leaves with embroidered lines and sets off the background with tile walls. The quiet meaning of the bamboo forest is rendered in a few strokes

the auspicious pattern derived from the ancient thunder pattern means "wealth does not end". The beauty of gold and silver thread is added to the flowers, and good luck will last forever

modern geometry, fashion feelings

modern geometric elements are painted with embroidery lines, hidden in the bottom paper with Baroque plants, and covered with walls, showing a deep and shallow sense of hierarchy

intaglio accumulation highlights geometric triangles, embedded with plants and flowers simply outlined by embroidery lines, metal colors and European flower patterns are faintly visible, with a strong sense of fashion with low-key luxury

all the small diamonds are outlined layer by layer with embroidered lines. Against the background of plain base paper, the walls are covered with neat and clean tiles

plants and flowers, natural feelings

large swaying dandelions bloom wantonly. Fresh wind from nature, filling the room, relaxed and beautiful

vanilla grows in the world and roams in time. Accompanied by herbs all over the wall, it feels more comfortable and quiet




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