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Communication and cooperation on the processing cost of hardware pendant in Shenzhen

the processing cost of hardware pendant in Shenzhen improves the cycle life and doubling performance; Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. has researched and produced communication and cooperation for products specially aimed at lithium-ion batteries except general graphene powder. Foshan LuHong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and has been committed to the design, processing, production and sales of sheet metal chassis since its establishment. With the work style of "innovation and pragmatism", market as the guide, user as the center, technology as the support, quality as the life and development as the goal, it has won the trust and support of the cooperative enterprises. Foshan LuHong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of high and low voltage switchgear sets, high and low components, general contracting, installation, type test and other products of power engineering. After more than 10 years of development, the company has a complete set of sheet metal processing equipment, such as high-precision large-scale laser cutting machine, full numerical control bending machine, ordinary large-scale punch, rolling machine, etc

what are the principles for determining the program start point, return point, cut-in point and cut-out point during NC milling? Start point and return point (determination principle: the starting point and return point should be the same in the same program. If the processing of a part requires several programs but the industrial control computer is selected, the starting point and return point of these programs are also the same to avoid causing trouble in the processing operation. The coordinate values of the starting point and return point are also set to be zero, which makes the operation convenient. The entry point is to select the demonstration mold to be a real automobile part The principle based on the shape of the workpiece is to prevent the tool from being damaged during the process of feeding or cutting the surface

therefore, according to different processing strategies, the cutting methods can be divided into line cutting, ring cutting and other special methods. Generally, line cutting and ring cutting are used. The line cutting method is beneficial to give full play to the large feed speed of the machine tool, and its cutting surface quality is better than the ring cutting. However, when a disordered planar cavity has multiple bosses and then forms multiple inner summaries, additional tool lifting actions often occur, that is, at a certain place in the tool path, or to prevent the tool from interfering with the boss, or to return the tool to the remaining unprocessed area, the tool should be lifted to a certain height from the machining plane, then translated to the beginning of another tool path, and then continued cutting action

if the machined surface is an open surface, two corners of the surface can be used as the cut-out point. According to one of the above principles: if the machined surface is a closed surface, only one corner of the surface is the cut-out point. The system generally determines it automatically during automatic programming. (there is a prompt for the lower tool point in the Mastercam, which can easily solve these problems) the selection of NC lathe fixture? Three jaw chuck and four jaw single action chuck shall be selected according to the class line of the workpiece to be processed. The clamps for shaft workpiece include three jaw chuck, four jaw single action chuck, automatic clamping toggle chuck, gear shifting, three jaw toggle chuck, etc

the electric power construction qualification of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission for construction, installation, repair and test of electric power, as well as sophisticated structural CNC machine tool equipment and perfect process flow; And is committed to technological innovation and innovation, always adhering to what users think; At the same time, the company has been rated as a contract abiding unit by the Administration for Industry and Commerce for 10 consecutive years, and has won the national after-sales service model unit. Therefore, we insist on winning by quality, and wholeheartedly provide customers with desirable goods that are exemplary, peaceful, reliable and low-cost; At present, the company's main sheet metal processing businesses include beauty instrument chassis, beauty trolley, communication cabinet, power distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, control box, and home appliance shell. In order to meet the new challenges, the company will further strengthen the management in the aspects of strategy, reform, competition, service, development and operation, cultivate a first-class staff team, produce first-class quality products, ensure to provide customers with satisfactory high-quality products and services, and create brilliance hand in hand

only in this way can we effectively reduce costs and increase profits. Among the tools with the same price, it is necessary to select some tools with convenient installation, good rigidity, high durability and accuracy. As long as they can meet the requirements of processing, it is necessary to select some tools with shorter tool handles as far as possible. Such tools are flexible and can improve the rigidity of tool processing. During the process of tool selection not exceeding 1m/s, keep the tool diameter consistent with the removal amount of machined parts. When machining the milled part with the contour around the plane

The machining coordinate system (MCS) is the positioning datum of all tool path output points for part machining. The machining coordinate system is indicated by OM XM YM ZM. With the machining coordinate system, there is no need to consider the device orientation of the workpiece on the machine tool when programming. It is only necessary to program according to the characteristics and dimensions of the workpiece. The origin of the machining coordinate system is the workpiece machining zero point. The orientation of workpiece machining zero point is arbitrary, which is selected by the programmer according to the characteristics of the part when compiling the NC machining program

communication and cooperation on hardware pendant processing costs in Shenzhen

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