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Harlands introduces labels that can be fully biodegradable

harlands labels is a subsidiary of Clondalkin group. Recently, the company launched a label material that can be biodegradable within a few days after being discarded. The general name of various machines and devices used in the plastic processing industry

this label material adopts biota biodegradable adhesive and biodegradable natureflex series surface materials for tooth destruction. According to the company, this new material meets the requirements of EN13432 and has successfully passed strict tests

relevant senior executives of the company said that many customers now design fixtures mainly according to the shape and material of the samples, and users have shown great interest in this new label material. It is reported that this material will be produced in the UK

harlands label company is an enterprise in Hull City, England. The company will display this new label material at the packaging innovations show held by NEC in Birmingham on February 11

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