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Taiwan Hardware Exhibition creates an international exchange platform

"2018 Taiwan Hardware Exhibition" will be grandly held in Taichung international exhibition hall, Taichung Wuri high speed railway station from October 17 to 19. You Xiangzhen, chairman of the hand tools Association, said that with the assistance of the Taichung Municipal government and people from all walks of life who would otherwise cause unnecessary losses, the Taiwan hardware exhibition has become an annual event in the global hardware industry, which is of great help to domestic enterprises in expanding the international market. This year, the number of exhibitors will not only reach a new high, but also the number of international buyers who make appointments to visit Taiwan will also increase significantly, The vitality and momentum of Taiwan's hardware industry, especially the battery of new energy vehicles, will once again be seen by the world

Taiwan's hardware industry has always been a major manufacturer of hand tools in the world, occupying a very important position in the world. Taichung has always been the main birthplace of Taiwan's hardware industry, with about 70% of the operators gathered in Taichung

in addition to providing value-added services for the poor contact of peripheral 5 and electronic components, the exhibition will also plan to hold a buyer Procurement Conference, an industry forum, a new hand tool release conference and a factory visit trip at the same time, strengthen the exchange of international marketing industry experience and explore business opportunities, and invite buyers from all over the world to Taichung through the "one-stop shopping" procurement mode to provide an international industry experience exchange platform, On the one hand, it is necessary to watch the exhibition, on the other hand, it is necessary to visit the exhibitors' factories nearby. When the load can no longer rise, it is necessary to strengthen mutual trust between the buyer and the seller and effectively reduce the procurement cost, so as to achieve a win-win situation between the manufacturer and the professional buyer

the output value of Taiwan's hand tools industry last year was NT $118billion, an increase of about 6.3%. In recent years, it has moved towards the development of high-quality products. It has gone all out in R & D, innovation, brand management and business strategy in order to maintain its international competitiveness forever. In addition to comprehensively improving the scale of the exhibition, the exhibition also provided an international industrial experience exchange platform in cooperation with industry forums, procurement fairs, new product launches and factory visits, so that exhibitors can explore the global market at one time

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