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The hardware industry should stay away from "copycat" apple and Sue guguo

guguo is a copycat after the combination of Google and apple. Guguo adopts a high imitation iPhone4 body, which is installed with android2.2.1 operating system. Although this method has been used in the copycat iPhone, it is still powerful to dare to use the name of guguo. At the beginning of June, 2011, guguo second generation was launched. In addition to improving the hardware configuration, it should actively carry out industry activities. The most noteworthy thing is that it transplanted the IOS system interface to the Android system. 2 Reverse overload. Guguo has not obtained the license plate yet

according to the official website, this is an intelligence with Google android2.2 system and the appearance of Apple's iPhone4. The words "Google alliance Apple pushes a cheap version of intelligence, which is OEM by Google technology" are prominently written on the website, which not only reminds people of the subtle relationship between Google and apple

now the release date of iphone5 is approaching, and gooapple is also beginning to take action. It has announced that they are developing the next generation of intelligence and will use the same appearance design as the future iphone5. It is estimated that this may cause great annoyance to iphone5. In order to prevent this potential enemy, jobs began to take up legal weapons and decided to sue gooapple

"Shanzhai" can be described as a kind of humorous "cleverness". If you dare to put up a sign for "Shanzhai", you have to say that you have "commendable courage". There are also many Shanzhai phenomena in the hardware industry. In the long run, this kind of behavior of borrowing others' reputation to seek benefits for yourself is detrimental to others. Why are the counterfeits in the hardware industry prohibited repeatedly

first, imitation is easier than innovation. Think of a famous advertising phrase: it has been imitated, and has never been surpassed. Imitating others can only be drowned in the vast trend army. In the era of emphasizing individuality, it is an important step to establish important health testing procedures for local communities. Generally, the speed range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed. Can we surpass it once

secondly, satisfy consumers' high desires at low prices. Just like apple, many consumers want to own apple, but their economic strength can not meet their consumption desire, so fake Apple came into being, and abnormal demand gave birth to unhealthy production

finally, the temptation of profiteering. Shanzhai merchants "can't get up early without profit". If there was no huge market demand and huge profits, would they have given up their Shanzhai behavior

the counterfeiting behavior in the hardware industry does great harm. For example, the improper use of counterfeited electric tools may endanger health, the unqualified hinges of doors and windows may cause property damage, and even the counterfeiting behavior of some mechanical parts may take lives

how can we reduce the copycat behavior in the hardware industry

first, long-term development can only be achieved through innovation. According to Lu Xun's classic quotations, more people go, there is a way. The road Blazers may have suffered a little, but they can seize the first opportunity of nuggets. Innovation will make the world remember you; Imitation can only be forgotten in the end

secondly, consumers' tastes are improving. One day, fewer and fewer consumers will choose cottage products, so that there will be no market in the end. So, should the Shanzhai merchants seek new development as soon as possible

finally, brand value will bring more benefits than Shanzhai. This kind of short-sighted behavior of Shanzhai looks like fireworks. It looks beautiful, but the past is over. If you want long-term development, you still need to establish a brand. Owning a brand will bring greater benefits. The intangible assets of those well-known brands are worth hundreds of millions

hardware enterprises should keep in mind that only by following the steps of the brand can they go further, and the fake products can only be "red faced and short-lived"

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