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Hardware small and micro enterprise park helps enterprises become bigger and stronger (libingfeng) in recent days, the production workshop of Jinhua Yineng Power Machinery Co., Ltd., which has just settled in Wucheng, has been fully powered. Workers are busy producing supporting products for garden tool enterprises in Wenzhou and other places. Fang Yuan, the production director of the company, said: with the enthusiastic service and help of the park, it took less than two months from the relocation to the commencement of production. Now that we have standard plants and more orders, I have more confidence in the investment and development in Wucheng

the park in fangyuankou is Jinhua Julong hardware tools small and micro enterprise park. Zhejiang Julong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., the investor and builder of the park, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Julong pipe industry. Therefore, the mixing of attapulgite and polymer can only be micron level Hybrid Technology Co., Ltd. After more than 20 years of development, due to the expansion of the production base to other places, some production plants in Jinhua headquarters have been idle. After many arguments, the company decided to transform and upgrade the idle plants. At the same time, it built a number of standard Minhou plants to promote a number of technical transformation projects and build small and micro enterprise parks

as a small and micro enterprise, previously, Yineng machinery was located in an old plant with an area of less than 3000 square meters, which seriously restricted the further development of the enterprise. In January this year, good plant facilities, supporting conditions, high-quality services and the park environment attracted Yineng machinery to settle in. Today, not only the plant area is twice as large as the original, but also the production capacity has been increased from 100000 to 120000. The cost of aviation composite materials is $145 a kilogram. Enterprise orders are also pouring in

it is understood that Jinhua Julong hardware tools small and micro enterprise park covers an area of about 328 mu, with a total investment of nearly 400million yuan. The construction content includes the upgrading of the original plant of nearly 100000 square meters, the construction of a new standard steel frame structure plant of 45000 square meters and the park's supporting facilities. After the completion of the project, more than 50 small and medium-sized hardware and tool enterprises can be gathered

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