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China's hardware industry strives to improve its comprehensive quality

with the continuous evolution of domestic consumption upgrading process, hardware intelligence has gradually become the mainstream of development. How to promote the functional and intelligent innovation of hardware, which is popular in the production of profile and plate products, has become the key to the development of the whole industry

as an important part of the manufacturing industry, China's hardware industry is becoming the pioneer to gradually achieve high-quality development, and the high-quality development of hardware is not only the improvement of the connotation of product quality, but also the comprehensive improvement of a series of links such as standard formulation and revision, production and manufacturing, brand building, operation and management, service experience, etc

equipment upgrading drives benefit upgrading

the core of high-quality development is inseparable from equipment upgrading and benefit upgrading. In recent years, leading hardware manufacturing enterprises have been carrying out manufacturing upgrading and product upgrading in a planned and step-by-step manner. For example, Wanhe electric Gaoli combustion heat plant has introduced intelligent manufacturing automation engineering projects since 2013, with an investment of about 150million yuan in the past five years, which is mainly used for on-site automatic equipment and information transformation. It is specifically applied to the stamping, welding and other processes of surface and bottom shells, water tank shells, heat exchangers and burners, and Robots are integrated to realize automation; At the same time, the factory has imported MES information system, which can realize the dynamic monitoring and real-time tracing of production plan, personnel, equipment, materials and quality, and realize the intelligent upgrading of the production chain. Compared with 2013, at present, the output of Wanhe Gaoli factory has increased by 133%, the automation rate has increased by 25%, the per capita output value has increased to 1.65 million yuan/year, a year-on-year increase of 111%, and the number of personnel has decreased by 50%

equipment upgrading not only the reporter did not see the introduction related to solid-state batteries, but also the new hardware industries such as kitchen appliances. Traditional hardware is also continuously adjusting its structure, showing a strong development trend. As a large brass valve R & D and production base in China, Ningbo EMCO copper valve Co., Ltd. is a representative of the traditional manufacturing industry, but EMCO's awareness and development are not traditional. Over the years, the company has continued to transform and upgrade and carried out technical transformation. At present, more than 80% of the key production processes have been automated. In recent years, with the concept of green environmental protection, automation and short process, Meide Group Co., Ltd. has carried out work around reducing staff and increasing efficiency, reducing staff and increasing capital. In the technical transformation project focusing on the second line of automation of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in its science park, it has invested 180million yuan, with an annual production capacity of 40000 tons. Through the introduction of high-end equipment, new technology and new process, it has realized the modernization of traditional manufacturing industry and promoted the upgrading of production equipment and production efficiency

moving towards a higher end of the value chain

the upgrading of equipment has improved efficiency, and the improvement of the product itself is an important part of high-quality development. Superstar technology is a leading enterprise in the tool industry. In 2017, the company's entire Petit introduced that its physical operating revenue was 4.281 billion yuan, an increase of 18.80%. According to the public data of superstar technology, in 2017, superstar designed 1706 new products, a year-on-year increase of 31.13%, invested 126.6927 million yuan in R & D, a year-on-year increase of 35.81%, applied for 72 invention patents and 18 PCT patents. Last year, superstar science and technology innovated and developed a number of intelligent innovative products, including 3D laser radar, subminiature laser ranging chip, pen laser ranging instrument, air cushion shock absorber, smart home series products, etc. the sales proportion of new products exceeded 25%, which brought good social and economic benefits to the enterprise and led the enterprise to move towards a higher end of the value chain

it is reported that an intelligent cooker developed by an enterprise in Zhejiang Province has added an intelligent control module to the original traditional non stick pan to control and intuitively reflect the temperature. By controlling the temperature and time, it connects all links of cooking, including when to pour oil, when to add materials and stir fry. It guides the whole process from food preparation to production, You can also publish and upload through the intelligent platform. A large number of data uploaded by fans can also promote the fan effect and improve user stickiness. The concentration of fan data also helps enterprises to summarize and analyze this, directly feed back their needs to the R & D link, and further realize the upgrading of products

this kind of continuous research and development of products to achieve the improvement of product quality, function and technical content is not an attempt of individual enterprises, but a comprehensive performance under the general environment of the industry. Key backbone enterprises and industry leading enterprises in the hardware industry are continuing to take action

standards escort high-quality development

standards are also an important link in many links of high-quality development. At the central economic work conference held at the end of last year, it was clearly pointed out that we must accelerate the formation of an indicator system, policy system, standard system, statistical system, performance evaluation and political performance appraisal to promote high-quality development, create and improve the institutional environment, and promote China's economy to make new progress in achieving high-quality development

according to the requirements of the central government and the needs of industries and enterprises, the standard work of the hardware industry is also actively carried out this year, and many achievements have been made. Within the past two months, three group standards, namely, technical specifications for green design product evaluation - domestic gas stoves, technical specifications for green design product evaluation - domestic gas fast water heaters, and gas stoves supplied by municipal power supply, have been drafted. The group logo "electronic intelligent door lock" has begun to solicit opinions, and the group logo "professional skill standard for gas appliance installation and maintenance workers" has been issued, The group bid of general technical requirements for smart kitchen appliances has been discussed

the continuous promotion of standard work has standardized the development of industrial enterprises, provided systematic normative requirements for emerging enterprises and products, and provided forward-looking indicators to escort the healthy and sustainable development of new products and enterprises. For example, the formulation of general technical requirements for smart kitchen appliances not only means that the world's first smart kitchen appliance standard is about to be born, but also will fill the gap in smart home standardization that the industry has been shouting for many years. It is reported that the formulation of this standard should not only consider the safety of kitchen electrical products, but also ensure the progressiveness and reliability of the standard. It should not only reflect the highest level of intelligence of domestic kitchen electrical products, but also lead the future development direction of kitchen electrical products, further organically combine various functions of the kitchen, and build a modern smart kitchen with intelligent and humanized functions

for another example, the professional skill standard for gas appliance installation and maintenance workers is the first group standard in the field of professional skills for personnel in China's light industry. This standard has opened up production and service, avoided problems in the installation and maintenance of gas appliances, standardized the use of gas appliances, improved the overall quality of products, improved user experience, and further promoted the healthy development of the gas appliance industry. (author: China Hardware Association)

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