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At the opening of the annual Munich Beer Festival in Germany, softing held the 2009 global distributor conference, which was attended by distributors from more than 20 countries. Although countries have been affected by the global economic crisis since last year, global sales have declined to a certain extent. However, with the recovery of the global economy, softing's business around the world is also recovering by a big margin

at this conference, softing released a new OPC Easy Connect suite product. OPC connection tool is OPC's middleware product, which helps you save time and money. It eliminates the complex factors that frequently occur in the remote connection between OPC components, simplifies the debugging and use of OPC clients and servers, and optimizes the performance of OPC data

opc connection tool is composed of products that connect different OPC durable clients

· possible situations. For example, between DA and XML-DA products or OPC C1, between clients

· it is easy to avoid time-consuming DCOM configuration

· unify multiple OPC data sources to an OPC server

· multiple OPC clients can manage more effectively and intelligently when accessing an OPC server at the same time

Swiss distributors shared the successful application cases of OPC products in Switzerland at the conference

in addition, the conference also announced the development trends of new products:

1. The research and development route of OPC UA and the inaccurate speed control. 3. Connection analysis - confirm the research and development progress and new functions of the fourth edition of the OPC development tool

profibus fault diagnosis tool based on UA

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