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Wittgens opencast mining machine: the giant of Texas

wittgens opencast mining machine: the giant of Texas

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the two wittgens 4200sm opencast mining machines have brought light to southern Texas and northern Mexico

a 4200sm opencast miner is mining sub bituminous coal in an opencast mine of North American coal Corp, which is located at the border between Eagle Pass, Texas, USA and Petras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. The mined coal is then transported by train along the border to the multi unit power plant in Coahuila state

at the same time, in another open-pit mine in Texas, another 4200sm open-pit miner mines lignite at low cost

these two surface mining machines are the largest models in wittgen's product series. They have been put into use in the past two years and continue to mine low sulfur coal all day

4200sm is 6.53m high, with a working mass of 20.43 tons, and is driven by 1521 HP efficient diesel engine. When cutting soft rocks such as coal, limestone or gypsum, the 4200mm wide cutting rotor equipped with 4200sm adopts the up cutting mode, and the cutting depth can reach 83 mm

wittgen 4200sm cuts lignite at a depth of 30cm, and can also pre crush the coal before loading

mining sub bituminous coal in igerpass: new mining area, new technology

coal mining has been popular in the area where igerpass mine is located since the late 19th century. Petras Negras, on the other side of the border, is called "Blackstone city", which means the local rich coal mines

"every ton of coal we mine will be transported to the coal-fired power plant in Mexico," said John C. Duffey, P.E., chief engineer of Camino Real fuels. As a branch of North American coal Corp., it operates the mine for the DOS republicas coal partnership (DRCP). In the 21st century, igerpas replaced the depleted open-pit mine on the opposite bank of the Rio Grande (known as the Bravo River in Mexico)

this mining area has a coal mining area of 2550 hectares, and its mineral reserves are sufficient for mining for 8 years. The total reserves in the mining area are much larger than this. A major feature of this mining area is that the ore beds are very thin, some of which are only 15cm thick. "Wittgens opencast mining machines are showing their talents. We use opencast mining machines to selectively mine coal from rocks, so that we can obtain very high mining quality," Duffey explained

cutting, crushing and loading are completed at one time. Wittgen opencast mining machine makes the coal mining process simple, economic, environmental protection and safe

these four ore beds are located under the 18.3m thick topsoil and overburden, interspersed with 6.0m thick continuous rock layers. "Among them, only 1.65m to 2.0m is coal," Duffey said. "We will conduct preliminary tests to determine the coal content under the surface, and the results often surprise us."

4200sm unload 250t of mining materials onto dump trucks. The coal is then transported by dump trucks to a transfer center equipped with five sets of gratings and conveyor belts. Each grille is equipped with a conveying belt, which transports the coal to the train loading point

"using wittgen 4200sm can accurately mine thin layers, which greatly saves the cost of stone processing." Duffey said, "4200sm directly breaks the coal during the loading process, and the transfer center no longer needs to be equipped with primary crushing equipment." The opencast mining machine will crush the coal into a maximum particle size of 10cm, while reducing the fine material extruder, and the orders of enterprises will rise significantly. When the moisture content of coal is high, the fine material is easy to block the conveying belt at the transfer point, so the low content of fine material is a very important advantage

"blasting, mining, crushing - 4200sm completed at one time." Duffey said, "we don't have blasting authority, and we don't need to blast coal mines or surrounding rocks. Almost 95% of our coal is broken and loaded by 4200sm. The remaining 5% - for example, materials in inaccessible corners or at the end of stockpiles - are broken by bulldozers and received by front collectors."

in October 2015, the sales revenue of new materials of wittgen 4200sm opencast mining machine in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park will reach 100billion yuan. The new igerpas mine will selectively mine thin coal seams

Mining lignite in southern Texas: rapid loading

another open-pit mine in Texas used two old small open-pit miners to mine lignite. When these two mining machines reached their service life in 2014, wittgen 4200sm was purchased to replace these two mining machines for construction

"4200sm has excellent technology in hydraulic system and control system. Moreover, compared with the old model, it can quickly fill the dump truck at a speed of 30%-40% higher." The pilot praised it like this

"I like this mining machine," the 4200sm operator praised the equipment. "Compared with the open-pit mining machine we used before, the 4200sm has a lower noise level during construction. The cab is very comfortable and the machine is easy to operate. The camera on the machine can also directly display the area behind the milling rotor assembly to ensure that I will not cut coal gangue."

compared with previous mining technologies, 4200sm produces less fines and can produce more materials with the required particle size. Selective mining technology has high purity of mining materials and reduces the cost of coal washing in processing plants. 4200 please call SM for advice. SM has also improved the quality of finished products, so that coal can be sold at a higher profit price

during mining, wittgen 4200sm crushed lignite to a maximum particle size of 10cm

wittgens opencast mining machine: Economic and safe

compared with the traditional drilling and blasting mining technology, in many cases, the use of opencast mining machine is more economical, environmental protection and safe. The opencast mining machine cuts, breaks and loads materials at one time without drilling and blasting, which will not cause destructive vibration and make mining construction safer. Dust and noise pollution have also been significantly reduced. Therefore, opencast mining machines can be directly close to residential areas and industrial areas for mining

in addition to reducing equipment and personnel costs, open-pit mining technology is more time-saving than traditional mining technology. Moreover, the open pit mining machine can form a flat and stable surface - ordinary trucks can drive on the auxiliary road of cutting, which is a significant advantage of mineral material transportation. Compared with dump trucks, they can not only transport materials quickly, but also cost less

wittgen 4200sm continuously mines and loads lignite in southern Texas

efficient mining

the principle of milling asphalt or concrete pavement is similar to that of milling machine. Open pit mining machine is equipped with special cutting rotor to cut and break materials. The powerful feeding system unloads the materials to the truck or dump truck, or to the back of the mining machine in the form of material belt. In addition, side stacking is also possible

the high-precision automatic leveling system ensures continuous cutting depth. This highly accurate process can selectively mine a range of materials such as coal, limestone, gypsum, salt, bauxite and iron ore

The feeding belt of

4200sm can swing 90 ° to either side

a series of cutters are spirally distributed on the mechanically driven cutting rotor. The rotor rotates in the opposite direction of machine travel, cutting and crushing materials. The throwing plate on the rotor conveys the material to the feeding device

loading lignite: in a mining area in southern Texas, it takes only a few minutes to fill a group of

coal trucks; The coal is then transported by coal trucks to the power plant 26 km away

the receiving belt collects materials from the rotor housing and transports them to the rear of the machine. From here, the materials are transported to the swinging and height adjustable unloading belt. The unloading belt loads the material into the truck or dump truck. The disadvantage of changing the piezoelectric load sensor of the experimental machine is: loading, or stacking on the side of the machine. The height of the discharging belt can be flexibly adjusted according to the height of various charging trucks. (this article is from wittgen)

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