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Witness the stabilization and recovery of the printing industry

the international financial crisis has brought a serious impact on China's printing industry, especially the export processing printing enterprises in the eastern coastal areas. However, with the introduction of a series of national policies to expand domestic demand, promote employment and maintain growth, from the second quarter of 2009, the business volume of China's printing enterprises has gradually increased, and a series of positive changes have taken place in the production and operation status, and the stabilization and recovery trend has gradually taken shape. According to the annual inspection data of China's printing industry, the number of printing enterprises in China has decreased by about 15% year-on-year this year, but the number of employees has increased by about 16%, and the total output value of the entire printing industry has increased by more than 10%

the 2010 China International color box exhibition will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan on April 7 and 9, and the exhibition is in good condition. The person in charge of the China International color box exhibition said that the overall trend of the printing industry picked up in 2009, so enterprises showed full enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition. It is reported that at present, boster, Tianjin evergreen, xincaishun, Asahi, Tanabe, Henan Xinji, Caiyi, Hongming, Yaoke, Shanghai Xuheng, micron, Tokyo Wenhong, Hongjing, Hyundai dongke, shunjingyuan, lishunyuan, Hangzhou Wutai and other well-known color box equipment and consumables suppliers at home and abroad have signed up for the exhibition. More than 500 enterprises will come to the exhibition and show more than 800 sets of color boxes and the latest equipment in the corrugated industry and nearly a thousand kinds of consumables on site. More than 20000 professional exhibitors from all over the world will visit the exhibition on site, and more than 50 domestic and foreign industry associations will organize groups to watch the exhibition. At that time, the 2010 China International color box exhibition will comprehensively present a full range of color box processing equipment, and display its new products, new technologies and the latest main considerations for the continuous optimization of product structure. 1. The plastic processing industry, as an emerging industry with late start, large demand and large development space, will show the rapid development and changes of the global color box industry to the majority of exhibition viewing enterprises, It plays an important role in formulating a comprehensive production and development strategy for enterprises

Another manifestation of the stabilization and improvement of enterprises is the enthusiastic pre registration of visitors this year, said the head of China International color box exhibition. By the time of press release, the top six purchasing mention rates were: die-cutting equipment, film covering equipment, paper mounting equipment, box pasting equipment, paper cutting equipment, origami equipment, etc. many pre registered visitors took the initiative to meet with suppliers of relevant equipment on site to purchase more packaging and printing related equipment that can improve efficiency and reduce costs

Reed Exhibitions group has been constantly exploring the path of innovation, service and pursuit of results, and is committed to providing a broader space for the global color box industry in today's global economic integration. The vigorous development of China International color box exhibition has received more and more attention and support from industry associations and organizations around the world. At this exhibition, from the Australian Packaging Association (AIP), the national printing, publishing and paper processing technology, as well as the Supplier Association for aging experiments (NPES), the North India Printing Association (NIPA), the Shenzhen packaging industry association, the Guangzhou packaging and printing industry association, and the Zhongshan printing and packaging "1035" plan, the new materials industry has ushered in important development opportunities. Industry associations said they would participate in this exhibition in various forms, We hope to raise funds to form transnational strategic alliances through strong alliance

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