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Witness the world's largest urban forest park from "a piece of white paper"

the construction of Chengdu Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park began in 2017, marking the official opening of the construction of the forest park. As the first urban forest park in China, it has established the overall positioning of "world-class urban green heart", "international urban reception hall" and "ecological paradise loved by citizens and tourists" at the beginning of construction. After its full completion, it will bring a lot of benefits to the ecology of the city and the lives of citizens to use different resins as screw cleaner

Deng yunmu is the director of the comprehensive management department of the Management Committee of Longquanshan urban forest park. As a "start-up" of the management committee, he witnessed the world's largest urban forest park start from "a piece of white paper"

participate in "starting from scratch", 3 The improper adjustment of the lifting guide wheel has witnessed the "change of pattern"

the Management Committee of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park is a young department, which was born with the historical pattern of Chengdu continuing to build a city for thousands of years and the requirements of the times to build a Park City. "Ecology is an extremely important competitiveness for Chengdu to participate in the global competition. It is very meaningful for me to participate in the construction of the world's largest urban forest park." In July 2017, Deng yunmu came to the management committee as a "start-up" to participate in the work of "starting from scratch"

according to the plan, the Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park under construction stretches 90 kilometers in the north-south direction, spans 10-15 kilometers in the east-west direction, and covers an area of about 1275 square kilometers, involving six districts (cities) and counties, including Jintang, Qingbaijiang, Longquanyi, Jianyang, high tech Zone and Tianfu NEW area directly under the jurisdiction of Chengdu. After completion, it will be the world's largest urban forest park

because of this, the difficulty is not small. "At the beginning of the work, the new units lacked awareness, and each work had to be connected with other units one by one, or even actively recruited, so as to enhance their influence." Deng yunmu said

"in addition, how to build Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park? How to coordinate all districts (cities) and counties? These are issues that need to be considered carefully." Deng yunmu introduced that subsequently, the Management Committee issued the division of responsibilities and action plan for the construction of urban forest parks; At the same time, the cracked screen was repaired in succession, and relevant plans were worked out and various special plans were prepared; International consultation activities for the world's top design institutions were carried out to design and deepen the master plan and some important nodes of Longquan Mountain. Not long ago, the planning and design results of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park were released, formally soliciting opinions from the public

In Deng yunmu's view, the construction of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park involves not only planning, land, transportation, agriculture, forestry, tourism, sports, water affairs, environmental protection and other aspects, but also because it is the world's largest urban forest park, there is not much experience to follow, and there are many exploratory work. "For example, in the pilot aerial seeding afforestation, we use unmanned aerial vehicles to sow and afforest, which is the first time in the whole west; because of the lack of water, we need to study artificial rainfall and which tree species are suitable for planting..."

ecological restoration is one of the important works of the construction of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park. To this end, the management committee formulated and implemented the action plan for "greening and landscaping" of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park. Last year, the target of "greening and landscaping" was 65000 mu. It is planned to achieve 540000 mu of "greening and landscaping" by 2030. By 2035, the forest coverage will be increased to more than 70%. On June 14 this year, the office of the national Greening Committee awarded the urban forest park the title of the first batch of national "Internet + national voluntary tree planting" bases

"everyone here has a pair of sneakers in his office so that he can go up the mountain at any time." Deng yunmu said frankly that he was not from an ecological or planning professional background. Facing the work with a cross professional background, he had to learn relevant knowledge quickly. He believes that continuous participation in specific matters is a kind of learning. 2011

"as a witness, participant and coordinator of Park City construction, I feel a sense of achievement watching the changes of Longquan Mountain bit by bit." Now, the ecology of Longquan Mountain is gradually recovering, and more infrastructure is being accelerated. The regulations on the protection of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park in Chengdu has also been promulgated in June this year. The management committee team is also gradually growing, and the formation of urban green lung and central green heart is accelerating

in February this year, Chengdu held a city promotion conference to accelerate the construction of a city that fully reflects the new development concept, and Deng yunmu became one of the advanced individuals commended. "As the representative of Chengdu Dongjin front-line staff, I am lucky to be awarded the honor of advanced individual. In fact, everyone involved is very hard." Deng yunmu said

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