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WMSG expands Kodak nExpress color digital printer fleet

Dallas WMSG is committed to providing enterprise oriented and database driven targeted marketing. The company has always relied on Kodak nExpress platform to provide services to various customers, including top brands in retail, automotive, financial services and electrical fields. In two factories in Texas, the company installed nine Kodak nExpress color digital printers, which also ensured that the price trend of MEG and PE remained stable in April. MSG became the enterprise with the largest number of nExpress color digital printers in the United States

The new members of WMSG digital printing fleet include two new Kodak nExpress S3000 color digital printers and a nExpress S3000 color digital printer upgraded from the existing Kodak nExpress S2500 color digital printer. These three sets of equipment have been added to the company's existing six sets of equipment, forming the mainstay of WMSG enterprises, while the remaining six sets of equipment have been upgraded in the past few years

wmsg has relied heavily on Kodak since its inception. Kodak has made great contributions to our success and growth. From the very beginning, Kodak has shown a strong ability to meet our customers' demanding requirements for quality and printing volume. Jim liszewski, President of WMSG, commented that Kodak and we worked closely together to define many aspects of enterprise oriented targeted digital printing, and many of the achievements have become industry standards

liszewski pointed out that nExpress printing machine can not only produce offset printing quality, but also have offset printing capacity, and the consistency of different printing machines is also very high. It is these advantages that prompted him to choose nExpress printing machine. Our business mainly comes from the long edition printing of moving parts of customers with strong brand awareness, and sometimes the printing volume is even as high as hundreds of thousands. With Kodak nExpress printing machine, we can maintain high printing quality on multiple printing machines and easily meet the output quality requirements of customers. NExpress printing machine is the best choice to complete these tasks

as the printing volume of WMSG has increased significantly every year, the company has made full use of the scalability of nExpress platform to upgrade, and its performance can be improved with the minimum expenditure to meet the changing requirements of customers at any time. WMSG's nExpress S3000 color digital printing faces difficulties: at present, the machine has a modular design and is equipped with Kodak nExpress's fifth imaging unit solution. The fifth imaging unit can match up to 82% of the Pantone spot color gamut by relying on the color file of the printer and standard ink, without requiring users to customize or prepare ink. Other advantages of nExpress S3000 include protective coating, glazing, and the latest three-dimensional embossing transparent ink. These technologies will create a strong three-dimensional printing effect

pay attention to zero adjustment after pulling out the locating pin; In the past 16 months, the company upgraded all Kodak nExpress s2100 color digital printers to meet market requirements. NExpress S3000 platform is the mainstay of our production today and the future star of our production in the future. We plan to upgrade the device to nExpress s3600 soon, and Kodak will make many improvements and improvements to this basic platform

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