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Wizsmart launches a new environment-friendly pet mat

release date: Source: tissue magazine

wizmarketsandmarkets of petix predicts that smart brand will launch a new pet mat. The packaging and bottom film of the product are made of bio based plastic made of sugarcane. This new product is an expansion of its product line. Petix has launched a new large package of 24 pieces for the XXL product that consumers like. Every year, wizsmart brand reuses more than 120million unused baby diapers and processes them into a super absorbent mixture. Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. the plastic coated metal hose tensile testing machine introduced here is mainly aimed at the tensile test of the plastic coated hose of wires or cables in the electrical system of machine tools to make loose and soft pet pads

Krister Holm, general manager of wizsmart, said: "The company's new products have all the characteristics, advantages and functions of the old products that consumers are familiar with, such as solutions for male dogs, positioning stickers and keeping dry all day. The biggest feature of the new products is the use of environment-friendly bio based plastic materials. In China's plastic pelletizing machinery industry, the cost of energy consumption is very high. Sugarcane is renewable, which can absorb carbon dioxide during the growth process and reduce the carbon footprint. The new products use biological materials Plastics can save non renewable fossil energy. Moreover, bioplastics are 100% recyclable, and their use performance is completely the same as that of ordinary plastics. This batch of joints is unqualified. "

in 2019, the retail business of wizsmart brand in the United States and Canada achieved great growth. Wizsmart's current focus is to expand retail stores and develop innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable products to meet consumer needs

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