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Wittgen launched a number of innovative models to meet the needs of the Chinese market

wittgen launched a number of innovative models to meet the needs of the Chinese market

China Construction machinery information

wittgen group will launch high-end construction machinery equipment at the 2014 BMW Shanghai Exhibition - they meet the highest quality standards, have innovative technology, smooth application process and "close to customers" service. As a market leader, wittgen group provides customers with innovative solutions to meet the Chinese market in the field of road construction and mining technology. Among the 38 exhibits, there will be 11 innovative models and as many as 13 models produced locally in Chinese factories

wittgen group will show the representative product portfolio of its entire product line to the public in Shanghai, which is worth looking forward to. In this exhibition, the four brands of wittgen, Vogler, Hummer and Klinman will display 38 machines at one stroke, surpassing previous levels. These products are not only tailored to the needs of the local market, but also the crystallization of the wisdom of Germany and China. In addition, the wittgen group booth also has a special display of expected comprehensive services and application technologies

wittgen brand: two large milling machines and WR 250 lead the wittgen exhibition area

WR 250 cold regeneration and soil stabilizer

cold regeneration and soil stabilizer: WR 250 is famous for its high performance, efficiency and simple operation

wittgen will launch cutting-edge solutions in the fields of cold milling, cold regeneration and soil stability, concrete paving and open-pit mining at BMW Shanghai. WR 250 cold regeneration and soil stabilization machine has a unique position in this year's wittgen exhibits. In the design and manufacture of this model, the stable construction requirements to adapt to muddy and complex conditions are well considered. It is the most powerful machine in the new generation WR series. This machine is equipped with a rated power of 777 horsepower, which can fully show the strength of the machine at the regeneration construction site. It can mill and crush pavement with a thickness of up to 25 cm, and then convert it into aggregate. What is more innovative is that the gear adjustment of the milling rotor can also be completed in the cab, so that a variety of milling rotor speeds can be selected, which is more flexible. With efficient rotor design, WR 250 can produce high-quality mixture even under high-speed operation

in addition, there are special targets: models w 100 h and W 130 h for the Chinese market, and W 1900 and W 2000 to meet the needs of the Chinese market for medium and large milling machines

compact slip form pavers SP 15 and SP 25 can meet various applications of concrete pavement or integral structures, such as concrete crash barriers, curbs, drainage ditches, etc; The synovial paver can also be equipped with wittgen autopilot automatic navigation non-contact 3D control system. Wittgen's innovative technology can realize the automation of concrete paving without baseline construction

Vogler brand: the global leader of pavers presents cutting-edge technology

Vogler company will launch two new highway grade crawler pavers. 1. The sales of new energy vehicles will continue to grow rapidly, amplifying the demand for lithium battery copper foil pavers for power batteries, super L and super 21. Internationally speaking, L. Their extended hoppers and chassis are specially designed for the needs of customers in the Chinese market

superl paver and superl paver

a large number of innovative products: Super L and super L - Vogler will grandly launch two new large crawler pavers at the BMW Shanghai exhibition, which are tailored to the needs of the Chinese market, and their hoppers and chassis are lengthened; meanwhile; Vogler will also exhibit super and super compact pavers; The new generation "-3" series pavers are equipped with various innovative functions, including the easy-to-use ergoplus 3 control system and Vogler ecoplus low emission package; Most importantly, the mechanical lengthening screed and hydraulic telescopic screed fully developed by Vogler will also be grandly launched at the exhibition; The main machines used in the Chinese market also include two proven universal pavers, super L and super HD

Hummer brand: the world premiere of domestic single steel wheel roller

by paying special attention to the Chinese market, the German Chinese team developed a single steel wheel roller to meet local needs, paying attention to the details of customer needs, and providing a choice configuration that fully meets customer needs

hamm320 roller

Hummer participating models undoubtedly focus on the "318" and "320" single steel wheel rollers, which will meet customers for the first time. Engineers from Hummer's German headquarters in thyssenroit worked closely with engineers from wittgen China who should always pay attention to the problems found in the use of the experimental machine, and developed these two models specially designed for the Chinese market. They not only have compact design and unique visual effect concept, but also have excellent operation and compaction performance. These advantages enable these two models to have advanced technology, efficient productivity and first-class compaction effect in earthwork construction, which not only reflects the German high-quality level, but also takes into account the cost concerns of Chinese customers

Klinman: new mobile cone crusher mobilone MCO 9 Evo

this new mobile cone crusher mobilone MCO 9 Evo is about to make its debut in China. It can be used together with the mobile jaw crusher MC 110 Z, which is also participating in the exhibition, to achieve a perfect match

new mobile cone crusher mobilone MCO 9 Evo

new mobile cone crusher mobilone MCO 9 Evo will also make its debut in China. It can be perfectly matched with the mobile jaw crusher MC 110 Z Evo on display at the same time. The final product of MCO 9 Evo has perfect quality, with a crushing capacity of 260 tons per hour, and is equipped with a high-power and efficient direct drive diesel engine. In addition, the equipment is compact in size and weighs only about 30 tons, making it more convenient to transport. When used with MC 110 Evo, the innovative assembly line can make the material transfer very smooth, so as to ensure that there is always an ideal material level in the crushing bin. At the same time, the mobile screening equipment MS 19 D used with it is an ideal supporting equipment for MC 110 Z Evo and MCO 9 Evo. It is equipped with three layers of screen surface and can produce four kinds of graded products

special demonstration of services and technologies

in addition to the machines on display, wittgen group once again launched a special exhibition on its various services and innovative technologies. This includes wittgen HT 22 quick change tool holder system and cutting technology of new generation X cutting tools. The perfect combination of these technologies and products, together with perfect services, constitute the comprehensive business plan provided by wittgen group, so that customers can easily cope with various challenging tasks

"close to customers" - service points all over China

wittgen group has 55 sales and service companies and more than 150 agents worldwide. When there is a service demand, it can provide customers with rapid and direct sales support and first-class technical services at any time, which of course is also applicable to the Chinese market. Wittgen China currently has more than 30 agents and 8 offices and branches all over the country, forming a perfect service network. In addition, two new service centers are currently under planning

2014 BMW Shanghai: experts from wittgen group are around.

experts from the German headquarters of wittgen, Vogler, Hummer and Klinger and from wittgen China gathered in the wittgen group exhibition area again to provide professional suggestions for visitors and answer questions about product range, specific applications, technology or services

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