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Wofeng technology service go helped Xinhua III upgrade its smart service midrange

Wofeng technology service go helped Xinhua III upgrade its smart service midrange by virtue of its strong customization ability, openness of the system and convenience of upgrade, which greatly improved the operation and maintenance efficiency and quality of Xinhua III

as the industry's leading digital solution leader, Xinhua Group III under Ziguang has all-round digital infrastructure capabilities in computing, storage, networking, security, etc., and provides one-stop digital solutions including cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent connectivity, 5g, information security, new security, IOT, edge computing, etc., with low or less than 10000 solutions, as well as end-to-end technical services

with the arrival of the 5g+ai era, this leading enterprise that has established absolute advantages in the traditional ICT field has accelerated the pace of transformation to cloud and intelligence, and comprehensively stuck its smart strategy in the window period of new infrastructure. In April this year, at the 2020 navigate navigator summit, Xinhua Group III announced its intelligent strategy AI in all

ai in all strategy is to intelligentize all its products and continuously embed AI technology into all products and solutions such as switches, routers, wireless, SDN, nfv, intelligent components, data centers, etc. The second is to enable traditional infrastructure and various industries to make customers' businesses and applications more intelligent

in order to undertake the AI in all strategy, Xinhua Group III has comprehensively upgraded the digital brain plan launched last year, raising the intelligent operation and maintenance to a new level. Xinhua Group 3 chose Wofeng technology to build a smart Service Center for it to help its transformation and upgrading of smart operation and maintenance. Based on the service center set up by Wofeng technology service go (on-site service platform), as long as the customers of Xinhua three group have the needs related to operation and maintenance, they can obtain the whole process traceable operation and maintenance services

expand the scope of use 01 Xinhua technical indicators: problems that need to be solved in the upgrading of smart operation and maintenance of the three groups

for Xinhua three group, which is making great strides towards intelligent transformation, extending the value chain upstream and downstream and realizing the transformation of operation and maintenance is an important aspect of forming a new competitive advantage

in the upstream, we should sort out users' digital assets, recognize the current digital stage, formulate digital goals and directions, and provide corresponding digital architecture; In the downstream, we should be responsible for the construction of the whole structure, including installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the equipment

this means that every customer is a complete set of technical data. On the one hand, it requires the access of internal data of the group, on the other hand, it requires the systematic management of the whole process of customer service, technology, spare parts center, front-line engineers and users

Xinhua three group has accumulated for many years in smart operation and maintenance. It has developed more than a dozen auxiliary systems with salesforce SFDC and self-developed SLH as the core. However, there is basically no data exchange between the systems, and most of them exist in the form of islands. With the upgrading of smart operation and maintenance to the strategic level, the operation and maintenance management of Zhongtai has become a top priority

in addition, to ensure professional operation and maintenance capabilities in the future, Xinhua Group III has built a huge service team consisting of 2000 technical experts and 200 industry experts, with 939 service certification channels, 7441 star engineers, 126 authorized service providers, 1500 authorized expert engineers, and 227 professional resource providers all over the country

how does Xinhua Group 3 match services with engineers and accessories and distribute the corresponding needs to engineers who meet their skills? How to assess the results of on-site service of supervision engineers? How can engineers input and send back field data in time

at present, Xinhua Group III adopts a single distribution mode combining manpower and system. The dispatcher or project manager will send the work order or service order to the designated station that meets the requirements, and then the station master or coordinator of the station will assign it to the corresponding engineer

however, SFDC can only be traced to the service station level at present, and the business landing scenarios further down the service station cannot be traced. This is not conducive to people, and users are also unable to know the node situation of operation and maintenance, which is not conducive to the expected management of users

then how to connect customer service, technology, spare parts, engineers and users to achieve traceable process management of the whole process

02 join hands with Wofeng technology service go to upgrade smart operation and maintenance

in order to solve these problems, Xinhua three group joined hands with Wofeng technology to build a compatible and sustainable service platform based on service go (on-site service platform), and built a full process service delivery monitoring and command platform that connects 400 customer service centers, service ministers, technical support centers, spare parts scheduling centers, front-line engineers and customers

at the front end, customers can submit relevant operation and maintenance needs through/applet, and accurately track the progress of personnel, spare parts and processes of each operation and maintenance, and record the whole process digitally

front line engineers and spare parts personnel can log in to the service app of Xinhua third group to receive orders, deliver goods in the warehouse, feed back the on-site service status online, and seek technical assistance from the headquarters through online remote video and voice, so as to realize the online operation of the whole business process

at the back end, by connecting the customer service center, the service director, the technical support center and the spare parts dispatching center, we can realize the accuracy of engineers' ability, the visualization of behavior trajectory, the digitization of delivery process and the electronization of work order reporting, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of operation and maintenance

03 why choose Wofeng technology

for why choose Wofeng technology, the person in charge of customer service of Xinhua three group said: first of all, Wofeng technology has a strong ability to customize the system, and has made modular and component settings for many of the functional requirements we urgently need, which can better carry out module combination, effectively meet the personalized and customized needs, and meet the self-development access needs. Secondly, Wofeng technology is one of the few professional customer service companies with on-site service products. Finally, compared with international enterprises, Wofeng technology's services in system opening, product configuration and upgrading are more in line with the needs of domestic enterprises

for a long time, Xinhua Group III has used international giants and self-developed systems. Whether in the traditional CIT era or the current intelligent era, Xinhua Group III has a deep understanding of digital management. China has made a breakthrough in the external wall insulation technology, and Wofeng technology, based on its deep understanding of customer service and platform flexibility, hit it off, This also means that Wofeng technology's service go products are more in line with the application needs of domestic enterprises in terms of performance and ease of use. In the future, Wofeng technology will help Xinhua Group 3 go further on the road of digitalization and intelligence, and its application will be more comprehensive and in-depth

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